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  • Freedom Isn't Free, Inc*

Symbol: FIFI<BR> CEO: JamesB<BR> Active Managers: BananaQ, Caine, Carlin, Clamenza, Fakechuck, and Glenn <BR> Active Employees: Fermata, Raze, Maverick and some others. <BR> Activities: Sekkrit.<BR>

Corporations - current and defunct
Major corps: rich & active MINACOTNCWZRPMCVIOLETRUIN
Sleeping corps: rich, not active CHILLSYMBWHAT
Developing corps: not rich, active BNH2NEETECMSFAMP
NPC corporation for new players ENEMA
Defunct corporations ATIBRONYCOPSF13DODDONGSFreedomIsntFree

FUNGREEKSJecklesonhyde InstituteKiller Green Bud, Ltd.KROME


SS ConglomerateVGoku

Other info on corporations CorporationScoreboardCryptoScoreboard