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Gotta have decent endurance and have keen senses to keep your focus, kiddo!

Focus is a skill that depends on a large portion of HellMOO mutations. These mutations are called Focus Mutations, and always give the user a new skill that they can use that will depend on their focus. This stat can be an extremely valuable stat in the HellMOO world, as most of these mutations are extremely useful and at a few times, even vital. Focus is a somewhat hard stat to keep at an unbuffed state, as practically every debuff in the game affects it negatively, with horniness and frenzy giving it the largest debuffs.

In order to grind focus, you must use focus commands. Makes sense, right? Exceptions to this are the cum and fantasize commands, which do not give focus IP unless you perform a successful focus roll with them. (E.g. you have to actually get horny from fantasizing and you have to lose your horniness from cumming.)

What Focus Improves

Aside from increasing the success of focus mutation commands, focus also plays a few roles outside of the mutations. Staredowns at bars such as Any Port are determined by the user's focus, so a staredown at a bar is, in reality, a challenge of who has a better focus. Focus also helps to resist any effect from a focus mutation that an opponent uses on you.

Focus Abilities

As stated before, EVERY focus mutation gives the user a new ability to use, and most of them do depend on the total of the user's focus for both success rate and effect value. Every focus ability gives stress unless stated otherwise. The amount of stress varies from ability to ability. Having higher cool will lower the amount of stress given.

All focus abilities have cooldown times, ranging from around 10 seconds to a full minute. In general, the cooldown is dependent upon your focus skill, where having higher focus lowers the cooldown, but its also affected by how well your previous focus roll was. If your previous focus roll was good, your cooldown is lowered by a second or so, and if it was bad it would be increased a second or so.

This table will have a list of every ability that is given by a focus mutation. The mutation that gives this skill will also be listed alongside it.

Ability Description Mutation
Exhale/Spew This ability allows you to create a giant cloud of smoke. When you exhale, your focus is taken into account, and this will choose whether or not you succeed, and if you do, how long the stun will last on those it affects. Another factor that's played is whether or not a cloud of smoke is in the room. If there is, it will be harder to succeed in exhaling again. Another note to be considered is that if you leave a room that has been exhaled in, nobody else will see you leave. Writhing smoke can be stopped by a gas mask if it isn't strong enough. Using writhing smoke while you are being attacked makes it easier to run away. Writhing Smoke
Screech This ability allows you to disrupt the thinking of those around you. When you screech, NPCs around you will be affected, and if being attacked, screech will affect the attacker. When affected by screech, you are blessed with a hefty brains and senses debuff, as well as a chance at shocking the target. Screech can be stopped by earplugs if it isn't strong enough. Screech
Mend This ability allows you to heal a little bit of hp and also heal broken bones with mend. Sucess rate and heal value are based on your focus here. Salamander
Cum This ability is the opposite of fantasize. It allows you to lose horniness on command. When used, a thought bubble is displayed (based on gender and brains) and requires a decent focus to succeed. This command does not give stress. Fuck Machine
Burn This ability allows you to set things (and people) on fire. The rate of burning is decided by your focus. Burning, successfully or unsuccessfully, will stress you. Carrie
Freeze This ability allows you to chill items and people. Chilled opponents receive a debuff depending on how cold they are, and it is possible for cold damage to start setting in. Frozen items are preserved in ice. Freezing, successfully or unsuccessfully, will stress you. Chiller
Phase/Memorize This ability allows you to teleport to your memorized area. (To memorize, find an outdoor area and use memorize.) This will be successful based on a few factors: You cannot phase when others are in the room. Your memorized point must be clear of people. After phasing to a spot, it will be unusable to phase to unless somebody walks through the area. If all of these conditions are met, then you will teleport to that spot, and you will only succeed if your focus roll is successful. Phaser
Blink This ability allows a much wider range of teleportation, however can have bad consequences if your focus isn't extremely high. You can use this to teleport to a random area in the HellMOO world with just "blink", or blink to a spot in a certain area with "blink <area>". Blinking carries the risk of telefragging, which is a sudden instant death. This is caused when your focus roll fails or if a person is in the spot that you end up blinking to. If you fail the focus roll on blink, you also have a chance to blink to a spot other than the one you specified. Blink
Project/Return This ability allows you to go into a spirit form and travel the HellMOO world. There are a few setbacks to this. You can't project in a room with tinfoil all over it. You can't move into a room with tinfoil covering it. You cannot stay in clair mode forever, as you take gradual damage while in clair mode. When recieving clairvoyance, you will be able to see psi interference as blue auras in the air, and when you project you will pass out, allowing anybody to rape, loot, and even kill you. Project wisely, and do it in private areas, such as an apartment. Every time an action is performed, a focus roll will decide whether or not you see that action. Every time you move in spirit mode, another focus roll is performed to decided whether or not you see what's inside that room. To return to your body, use return. These commands don't have cooldowns and don't give stress. Clairvoyance
Sweep/Scan and Pulse This ability allows you to search for clairvoyants in the room. If there is a clair, it will tell you. This command does not require a focus roll, nor gives stress or has a cooldown. If you do find a clairvoyant lingering, you can use 'pulse' to deal damage to them at the expense of a tiny bit of damage to yourself. Clairvoyance
Seek This ability allows you to find a player. The accuracy is based on your focus, and your stealthiness of using is based on your focus compared to your target's focus. If your focus is utterly beneath theirs, they will find out where you are seeking them from. If your focus is lower than theirs, they will tell who is seeking them. If your focus is around the same as theirs, they will find out someone is looking for them. As for the accuracy, the higher the focus, the more in-depth the finding. Medium
Scare This ability allows you frighten any creature in your vicinity with a loud shriek. Scaring gives every NPC in your tile (assuming you passed the focus roll) a dose of fear while giving you a dose of frenzy for every NPC affected by your scare. Hideous Freak

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