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Combining your enhanced legs and bones with a focused psychic boost, you can actually leap into the air and take flight.

Flight is a second-tier movement mutation that requires Leapfrog to get.


Located in the skies above the Necropolis Gate. Ironically, you'll need to figure out how to fly in order to reach the mutation point.


Flight gives the following commands:

 climb : Increase your altitude.
 dive : Decrease your altitude.
 fall : Stop flying and fall to the ground. Largely useless.
 fly : Launch yourself into the sky.
 land <any> : Land on something.
 dock with <any> : Dock with another flying object, like the Skydock.

While in flight, mutants can move from tile to tile by entering east, north and so on. It is also possible to enter and exit planes in midair.


  • Flying. It's really fun. You don't need a plane to zip from sky tile to sky tile, and if you do have a plane, you can step outside of it and fly around/to/from it.
  • Flying requires no investment, aside from getting Leapfrog first. It only costs hunger to fly, and food is easy to come by.
  • Excellent synergy with Zombie. Zombies don't take damage from being at max hunger, so there's no disadvantage to flying at all.
  • Works great with Yeti Fur, as well. Yetis get buffs when they're in a cold place, and the sky is cold. The buffs will last for a little while after they touch down too. The beat soak also counters the beat vulnerability from Leapfrog. Chupacabras are slightly more dangerous on account of poor fire soak, however.
  • Ghetto Phaser. Flight mutants can fly and then land straight away to arrive neatly back at any landing tile in the same sky tile as the one they launched from. This doesn't cost any hunger, so it's great for either getting around in a hurry or simply saving time.
  • Flight doesn't care about phaseblock. If a mutant can reach the sky from where they are, they can launch into flight there (barring a couple obscure exceptions). This means a Flight mutant's mobility isn't inhibited when flying to/from the Necropolis Heart and similar areas, where Phaser and Blink are locked out.
  • Can scout Skydock. A flight mutant is vital for boarding the Skydock conveniently; the FoF code there cannot be scouted by clairs, and must be manually observed by a flight mutant looking at the indicators. Skydock runs are rare, but Flight mutants are valuable for this specific purpose


  • The sky is cold. Flying without any sort of warm clothing, hot drinks or Yeti Skin can kill.
  • Aggressive chupacabras can be found in the skies. Basic chupacabras are aggressive, and can hit for 30+ fire damage. Chambocabra is the miniboss of the chupacabras, and wields an AK-7.
  • Hunger. It's not uncommon to randomly go from 0 hunger and no full status to being food-deprived by 150 units after traveling through a single sky square.
  • Poor synergy with Vampire. Vampires get the crazies if they get too hungry, and flying costs hunger.
  • Flying is impossible if you're carrying more than 50% of your max load. This means that builds that lack Brawn often have a lot of trouble using flight. Some Flight mutants take Mule to counter this.
  • Flight is sometimes restricted. Some outdoor tiles, despite apparently being open to the sky, won't allow you to fly. The most obvious example of this is the Gulf of Stockton.
  • Flak cannons attack Flight mutants, just like everything else in the sky. They hit with explode damage and can instagib people, scattering their possessions and implants to the four winds.


The core mechanic of Flight is flying, but aside from the commands detailed above, there are some other factors to successful flight.


Some important points on the monsters of the sky:

  • Chupacabras hit very hard, dealing a mix of stab and burn damage; they have two attacks that they alternate between (their flamethrower mouths and their bites), and both have huge damage potential. However, they also have very little health and generally poor defences. High-DPS weapons put them down very quickly.
  • Chupas also respect musk.
  • Using the look command works the same as it does on the ground; cautious mutants can l w and so on to check adjacent tiles for chupacabra threats.
  • Before launching, it's also possible to l sky to check for chupas in the sky, though poor weather may obscure visibility.

The Sky and Flak

More on the art of not dying in flight:

  • The Sky is a red zone; while PvP between flight mutants in the sky is extremely rare, it's quite possible for flight mutants to barge into the planes of their targets.
  • A travelling cloak, two Bedrock shelter suits from the FC museum, or double-stacked balaclavas and heavy gloves will protect well from the cold. That final combination can also be worn with dodge gear for maximum convenience.
  • Flying at maximum altitude will prevent mutants from being targeted by Necropolis Gate flak, but not Skydock flak.
  • Flak misses flight mutants a lot more than it misses planes (since people are a smaller target).
  • Silicone Skin soaks a large chunk of flak's damage. Non-Silicone mutants can still survive it well enough, so long as they don't linger and have 60 health.

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