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Push it to the limit, dun-duuun...

Fibrocartilage is a mutation that increases max HP by 5.


Fibrocartilage is located underneath the orphanage, in the Shoggoth's Lair. Several of the zone's tiles inflict fear, so bring alcohol for fear immunity.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +5 max HP
    Passive: +95% resistance to rejuvex.

Endocrine booster modules will also be somewhat more likely to work if you have fibrocartilage. Note that the bonus HP gained from this mutation will not affect their failure rate.


  • +5 Max health. This is extremely high value; 5 extra HP can very frequently mean the difference between life and death.


  • +95% resistance to rejuvex. This makes removing clone age possible, but it's generally a non-downside, since age is easy to reset by rerolling and rerolling is a very quick process.


This mutation does not alter a character's appearance.

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