Fat Ratzo

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Fat Ratzo is the morbidly obese mob boss responsible for the operation and organization of the Mafia in Freedom City and its surrounding area. Fat Ratzo offers a slew of useful things to players, both new and old!


Fat Ratzo offers several interesting opportunities to players, including journals. Specifically, Fat Ratzo offers two journals directly, and gives hints to several more.


Fat Ratzo also offers a nice selection of Jobs for the newcomer aspiring to make some easy XP, Interceptor, Deliveryboy, Crack Pusher and Hitman.


For the more PvP minded of you out there, there's also a rework to bounties! Ratzo now allows players to place bounties on themselves and their friends, for fun and profit. Aspiring bounty hunters need only ask Ratzo about the day's catch, track down their unsuspecting victim, slay them horribly (preferably with lots of blood and screaming and tears!), cut off their head, and turn it in to Ratzo.

You are now a professional hitman! You heartless fuck!