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Express Export Expeditions is a small store located on the eastern side of Freedom City, at 300 Third Avenue.

-memphis package will prompt Memphis to offer you packages for delivery. Each package requires a deposit, which is returned on completion along with payment when the package is delivered. This also completes the EEE deliveryman job, which is worth more cash, some XP, and some pilot IP. Memphis carries three packages at a time; you may have to prompt him several times to see all three, as he'll only talk about one at a time. To decline a package, n memphis; to accept, y memphis.


Memphis won't tell you the name of the recipient until after you accept the package, but you can usually guess from the location he mentions first. Don't forget to check what kind of package you're dealing with. Wooden crates are very heavy, while brown packages are only 100g.

  • Usagi Yojimbo wanders. He's usually in the Necropolis somewhere. He has the highest payout for his packages, but few bother because finding him is often way too much effort for the payout. Once in a blue moon, he'll make it to Luskentyre or Weezer. By the time you show up he'll usually have wandered off or died, so be suspicious if you see a $4,500 brown package marked for Weezer. It's not uncommon for Memphis to only stock three Usagi packages nobody wants to accept for several real-life days on end; this is just bad luck, come back and try again later.
  • Salvador and Thor are found in Luskentyre. Thor is in his shop on the south-west side of the Plateau and is available 24/7. Salvador wanders around, sometimes on the plateau, sometimes in the mansion. He can also fall asleep or get killed by rock lampreys. Either event is bad luck - come back later when he's awake/not dead.
  • Gwendolyn is in Austen's Furriers in Weezer. She closes up at night but is otherwise easy to find.
  • Furst in Lurleen is the easiest delivery; any newbie can just walk to his store. He closes up at night sometimes but is otherwise available.