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Eelskin is a soak mutation which gives resistance against stab, slash and electric damage, plus some buffs to water mobility. Requires Snakeskin. This is the least popular soak mutation of all, and is generally regarded as a poor pick for any build.


Eelskin can be found outside of the Kraken's cave, in the Watery Fissure. The Kraken is a mean fight, so steer clear if you're a newer player.


This mutation grants:

    +2-2 electric resistance
    +2-2 stabbing resistance
    +1-2 slashing resistance
    +3 to Swim
    Minor bonus to breaking out of grab
    Underwater breathing
    No underwater fighting penalties
    -50% peeing required
    +50% thirst
    +3 HP


  • 2-2 electric resistance. Electric is a useful damage type to be able to soak, but at such a low level, it's almost completely negligible.
  • 2-2 stab and 1-2 slash soak. These are both very common damage types.
  • +3 Swim. This is useful if you are going for the world champion of swim brag.
  • -50% piss. A mild convenience.
  • Bonus to breaking out of grabs. This bonus is tiny, but it's there.
  • Underwater breathing and no underwater fighting penalties. Underwater areas are rare, but this does allow you to juke opponents by hiding underwater. It's largely useless against the Kraken, however, since that fight is very short and harpoon/needle rifles suffer no underwater penalties anyway.
  • +3 HP As of the September 2021 change. More HP never goes out of style.


  • Same soak problem as snakeskin. Slash and stab soaks on a mutation are just not that useful. Elec soak is good, but 2-2 is nothing; rubberskin gives way better soaks and requires less investment.
  • Breakout bonus is tiny. If you are grabbed by someone with good brawn and have bad brawn yourself, this mutation will not save you, and in any other case it doesn't matter because you'll break out anyway.
  • +50% thirst. A minor inconvenience. The convenience exchange works out negatively because carrying extra water takes inventory weight, whereas peeing does not.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

His/Her skin is shiny and slick.

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