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What is this?

Easy Learns are a recent edition to HellMOO, meant to streamline early game xp grinding to be less about grinding skills and more about grinding mobs for xp.

They can be enabled or disabled the same as any other preference setting,

@prefs -easylearn or @prefs +easylearn.

You can check how many you have left by typing learn, which will also tell you if it's enabled/disabled for you, like this:

[ You have 8 easy learns left. ]
[ You have easy learns disabled. ]

From the in-game help files:

An easy learn is a term used for learning low level skills early on. You can take advantage of this 20 times for skills under their sixth raw.

When one is used, it spends both your current spendable XP, and your current total XP. That seems weird, but if your total XP is reduced, then you can always earn it back, effectively giving you the same result as if you were to much more slowly, and tediously grind the skill.

What does this mean?

Let's say your current xp is 20,000 and you've got 15,000 to spend. You want to level your dodge skill from 4 raw to 6 raw using them, which would cost you 14,616 xp. You do this, and your new *total* xp then becomes 5,384, but your skills are that of a 20k+ player. This is advantageous because it allows you to grind the same easy mobs more, and results in more total xp.

What do you lose?

If your total xp becomes lower than you have free mutation slots, you lose the slot, but you cannot lose mutations, so it'd advised to mutate before you use easylearns. You also can lose total HP, as you gain 2 hp per mutation slot up to a max of 45.