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ENEMA is the Newbie corp, an admin created corporation which gives new players a jumping off point.


MServo (the corporation founder) is mostly bot, though a human does talk through him from time to time. MServo offers useful scripted advice, such as what mutation to get next or where your current corpmate/skill teacher is. He can even offer directions to get to any building that he knows. He sits on a chair in the museum foyer and wields a plasma rifle capable of murdering pretty much anyone who is stupid enough to attack him.


ENEMA HQ is located west of 9-Eleven (9E on the minimap/lmap), in the central, northern area of Freedom City. The first floor contains a shower, donation bin and workshop while the lower floor contains a lounge, a kitchen and a bunk bed filled closet that is basically a functioning copy of the Crash Cube Hotel. Upstairs is an attic with free medical gear in a cabinet that endlessly respawns, given time, as well as a clothes bin.

Reasons to be in ENEMA

ENEMA can be a good corp to get started in, its donation bin can allow for easy access to old armor and weapons while its members and Mservo can provide much needed guidance as you begin to get a handle on the game.

Uncles/Aunts (when available) can provide great support to help you get over the initial minor learning curve.
(Note, Uncles/Aunts are NOT admins. They are players that have asked to be allowed to help newbies.)

ENEMA is not a Carebear corp, which means you are free to engage in PvP with other players, while having an HQ smack bang in the middle of FC, protected by a Voxguard Diamond lock.

Reasons not to be in ENEMA

The only experienced player in ENEMA - besides the uncles/aunts - is a bot. Scripted advice about how to get to places and so on is useful up to a point, but nothing beats the human touch. Although with new rules on alts, it's not unlikely that you will be rubbing shoulders with the alts of experienced players.

ENEMA is regarded as the scrub corp - rightfully so - and given little respect. The donation bin is usually full of old crap that no-one wants, though some are still useful starter items.

Another point is that ENEMA's payrate is horrible, with roughly half your money going to the corporation, giving you plenty of incentive to leave. Its recommended that you stay in ENEMA only until you can get into a better corp.

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