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Insider description - Assistant, August 2021
"Just a bunch of russian griefers."

Created by Assistant in the first half of 2020, as a continuation of his previous corporation, "NT". A close-knit group of friends, they gained some reputation due to ferocious attempts in attacking much more powerful players and not backing down when threatened. Got into some trouble with admins by taking items apparently belonging to carebears.

Holders: Assistant, Veg

Corporations - current and defunct
Major corps: rich & active MINACOTNCWZRPMCVIOLETRUIN
Sleeping corps: rich, not active CHILLSYMBWHAT
Developing corps: not rich, active BNH2NEETECMSFAMP
NPC corporation for new players ENEMA
Defunct corporations ATIBRONYCOPSF13DODDONGSFreedomIsntFree

FUNGREEKSJecklesonhyde InstituteKiller Green Bud, Ltd.KROME


SS ConglomerateVGoku

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