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Congratulations! You have just died somehow, either because someone killed you, you killed yourself, a disease wiped you, etc. The question is, now what?

Well, I hope you first updated your clone before you died. Think of updating your clone as saving your game in an RPG: If you die, you go back to that point. When you first start in HellMOO, you have a clone already created for you, so if you die, you won't go back to the Dream World. How convenient, isn't it?

Of course, you want to keep your clone updated as often as possible. Updating your clone after having grinded up a skill, or gained a lot of exp and such is a fine idea. Of course, it costs money to keep your clone updated, and that cost rises as you gain XP. (If it were free, I'd update my clone multiples times every visit from paranoia.) To update yourself, go to Clone Arrangers (CA on the map) and type update. Quick and easy. Also, mostly in order to prevent exploitation, any time you obtain a new journal entry (be it from jobs, kills, travel achievements and such), your clone will be updated automatically and for free. A savvy player may hang on before doing some nearby and easy entries in order to take advantage of it.

Dying also costs money; to resurrect yourself, you have to pay double the cost of updating, along with some XP, plus you revert back to your last-updated clone with added benefit of becoming older as well (every death counts as a couple in game months, I believe). Fortunately, you'll get better at not dying, but the cost gets steeper. If you don't have enough money to pay for resurrection, you simply pay for it with a higher XP cost.

When you die, you end up in limbo, which is a name for the place where there's no real map at all, and only one exit: up. You have to wait a minute or so to go up, then, once you go up, you'll rise towards the light... then you'll get pulled back down into the clone vats. Get out of the vats by typing up, then you'll end up in the clone vats naked and with your last-updated clone. You'll get some credit deducted from your credchip, you'll lose a small amount of XP (or more if you can't afford the money to pay for your clone) and you'll wander in the streets ready to start anew. Of course, there is also the chance of going to hell or heaven depending on how you lived your life in hellmoo, and escaping those is harder than simple limbo.

If you don't have enough unspent XP to pay for the lose of resurrecting, you will lose some IP from your current skills, so make sure you have enough money and unspent XP.

And that's why dying sucks, but it doesn't suck as hard if you update often.


Death won't necessarily set you back completely...hell, you might not even have to clone yourself. If you're lucky, someone will have seen you die, and they'll have a defibrillator on them, which can wake you up from your dead state. You won't be able to page anyone from limbo, but you can use corpchat or the mail system to get someone to come to revive you, assuming not to long passes and you go stiff and completely dead. Just remember that it can mean that someone will come to your body to loot your corpse, if you don't carry a cocoon. So be careful with who you ask for help.

Finally, with the clone arrangers, you can delete your clone if you feel like starting your character over again. Just go to the Clone Arrangers, type delete, and die. Next time, you'll be in Dreams of Before.


  • Update often!
  • CA on the map deals with all clone business.
    • When in CA, type update to update your clone.
    • In CA, type delete to delete your clone to start anew.
    • Updating costs money, cost increases with XP.
    • Death costs double that of update cost, along with some XP.
    • If you can't pay the cost of death, you lose more XP than usual.
  • You can hope someone will defib you back to life!