Crack Mansion

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Not to be confused with the Crackhouse, a slightly harder zone with similar mobs in Gangland.

The Crack Mansion is a house in central Freedom City, populated by hapless drug addicts mostly used for newbie grinding and fodder for jobs. A couple minor loot chests also spawn here.


The first floor
  • There are three mob varieties here. From weakest to strongest: crackbabies, crackheads and crackfiends. All are weak, though crackfiends and crackheads may trump extremely low level players. Crackbabies are as harmless as the toddlers they are.
    • Crackheads are useful for many jobs. They can be scammed for Scam Artist, show up as targets for Hitman, given crank to satisfy Pusherman, collared for Slave Driver, and stuck with gene ampules from Weezer.
  • Propecia is the area's benign boss mob, at the far north of the second floor. She carries a nanite healer which you can kill her for. She is a weaker version of the babymommas in Gangland, but stronger than the crackheads. Give her food, and she'll let you fuck her, which will spawn a monster baby.


The second floor

The Crack Mansion has three floors; a large lower floor, a large second floor, and a single-tile rooftop.

  • The first floor has a bathtub in the bathroom to the east which respawns a small amount of alcohol continually.
  • The second floor has three chests which respawn goodies: A crate to the northwest which spawns random junk, a footlocker to the southwest which spawns two random clothing items, and a box to the southeast which spawns a trauma kit of varying size.
  • The single-tile rooftop is also a small airplane landing tile. Freaks can land here and enter the mansion without attracting police attention, and (hilariously enough) even complete Pusherman if they hand the rocks out fast!
  • This location is a target for bombing in a quest for Fat Ratzo in Any Port. This quest is rarely done, but when it does happen you'll get blown up if you're inside! The mansion can also be dangerous in PvP, being a yellow zone right inside the extremely high-traffic Freedom City.
  • The tiles of this zone can be scavenged for lots and lots of crap, and the occasional 30-dose crank rock. These rocks can be broken down into 16 rocks in total, enough for three Pusherman job completions and a free sample!