Crack House

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A low level zone in Gangland, the crack house zone is very similar to the Crack Mansion. It is very rarely visited.

The crack house is a yellow zone. Instigating PvP in this zone will challenge the target, unless the target has previously challenged the challenger. The length of the challenge will vary depending on how it is instigated.

The Crack House is built out of two main areas. The house and the outer yard.


The Crack House is in Gangland, at grid reference J13 on the map. It is divided into three parts: the outer yard, which extends around the house, the hole in the ground, which holds Boozer, and the house itself, which requires a key to enter.


  • Crackfiends abound in this zone. They are just slightly stronger than crackheads. Biggie Smalls is here too, but he is just a reskin of the crackfiends. They are worth $125 on the Eugenic Cleansing contract, but with their low cash and XP value, they are a rare grinding target.
  • Boozer is under the front yard. He guards a minor spoiler, and also carries vampirism, meaning that foolish vampire wannabes can choose to get infected by him to start their progression. Boozer is one of the worst vampirism sources, however, because he is in Gangland, which is flush with vampire hunters.
    • Boozer is a significant increase in difficulty compared to the crackfiends; he has the buffed up stats of a vampire. Very low-level characters should be cautious when engaging him.


  • Locked front door. The front door of the mansion is locked, and requires some very simple problem solving to enter. There is no reward for gaining entry except for access to more crackfiends; an upstairs area exists, but is largely empty.

Otherwise, there are almost no notable features in this zone at all.