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You know, you can touch a stick of dynamite, but if you touch a venomous reptile it'll turn around, bite you and kill you so fast it's not even funny.

Coventry Island is an endgame area to the far north of HellMOO's map, accessible by air, plane, and Blink. It is most frequently visited for the high XP payouts of its basilisk population, and for the opportunity to fight a tough but lucrative boss. The entirety of the Coventry Island zone is a red zone.


Coventry is located far, far from Freedom City, accessible by boat and plane. It can be most easily spotted on the sky map. Coventry can also be reached via Blink, but there is only one tile in the zone that can be blinked to/from; all the other tiles are blink-blocked and phase-blocked. The blinkable tile is one tile north of the Zegema Beach landing, up a 30-meter climb.

Since fighting on Coventry demands light armor and is a red zone, it is a prime spot for PvP ganks by endgame parties. There's only two ways in and out that get used: the sole blink tile (stickycam that or block it with a parrot if you're worried) and the two landing tiles. You'll likely see incoming pilots or flight mutants in the sky, giving you time to react. Coventry has no safe zones, but strong swimmers can take flight to the ocean from the channel if things go bad.

Nomenclature and Layout

Confusingly, Coventry island is both the name of a specific island, and the name of the zone that encompasses two islands. The northern, more dangerous island is the actual Coventry Island; the southern island is called Arcadia, and is less dangerous. This article is about the zone as a whole, not the northern island specifically. There is also a channel that connects the two islands. It is populated by sundews, and demands careful swimming: going the wrong way may land you in the Gulf of Stockton.


The north island (that is, the actual Coventry Island), is home to a few mobs. The southern island mostly just has benign NPCs.

  • Basilisks wander Coventry, dealing extremely high stab damage, plus some beat and bleed. Their damage is high enough that soaking their damage is generally considered non-viable. 40 dodge is enough to dodge them reliably, but soloing is notoriously risky; the standard basilisk party is two to three people. They also have a fair amount of health and tough soaks.
    • Basilisks can feint players with 8 brains or less, but cannot be feinted themselves, and they're capable of powerattacking.
    • Basilisks have some innate stun resistance, which means that powerattacking them will not always stun, no matter the damage done.
    • Grabbing basilisks as a high-brawn build is a viable strategy, but they will still sometimes break out of grabs.
    • Basilisks are PC0, so the only reliable dodge tank is a PC- gunner.
    • Basilisks have zero bleed soak, which means that they are hard-countered by guns, specifically the AR-17 with 5-14 bleed damage blacktalons. They are also weak to irradiation damage from blades.
    • Basilisks give 150 XP each, and scale down quite late in the game. They're worth $800 each on the Dino Hunter contract, and their hides sell to J'Lar for about $2000 each.
    • Basilisks respect musk.
    • Basilisks cannot fatality, which means they are countered very hard by zombies with blacktalons. A zombie rifler can go AFK on Coventry until they run out of ammo with no risk whatsoever, barring one particularly dramatic, spoilery and rare demise.
  • Bossilisks are just basilisks but stronger in every way. They give 200 XP each, and have the distinction of being able to one-shot any player through any armor in the game.
  • A fearsome beastie lives on Coventry Island. During the day, he lairs deep in the heart of the northern island; during the night, he has been spotted wandering all across both the northern and southern island. Talking any more about him is a spoiler, but to the boldest slayers go the greatest spoils...
  • Sundews live underwater, barnacle-type things with tentacles that will try to pull you below. They're weak, relative to basilisks, but pose a serious annoyance.


  • Extremely high temperatures. Coventry is one of the hottest zones in the game during the summer, competing even with the Sea of Dunes. Ample heat protection is necessary, and many Yeti Fur players consider the zone non-navigable altogether during the summer months. The nights are cooler, but a July day on Coventry will literally burn the average player to death.
  • Radioactive/toxic tiles. The southwestern portion of the northern island, called the "Devil's Forest", is full of radiation, heat and toxicity, so traversing the area requires protection from all three. Basilisks will never path to this area, but despite that, it is arguably the most dangerous portion of the island...
  • Two loot chests to the eastern side of the island: a munitions crate and an armor locker. The munitions crate holds ammo and grenades, and the locker spawns reinforced kevlar armor, MK I tactical jorts, and night vision goggles.
  • A crash site up a tree, which contains a respawning source of junk guns and some ammo.
  • Various locked doors and mysteries. What, indeed, is going on with the island? How did the basilisks get here?
  • An explosive secret. Be very, very careful when exploring the heart of Coventry.
  • Fishing. Being an island in the middle of the ocean, Coventry affords plenty of opportunity for the adventurous and heat-resistant fisherman.
  • Some plants grow here:
    • Wild banana trees produce wild bananas, which are edible.
    • Raspberry bushes produce raspberries, which are also edible and a viable ingredient for thornberry meatpies.
    • Mutant barnacles on the docks produce mutant barnacle stems. In theory, these are used for an advanced chemistry recipe; in practice, nobody bothers with them.
  • The southern island holds several NPCs. All of them have various things to say about the island, and provide some additional utility.
    • Flare Debear teaches focus from levels 3 to 10 and craft from levels 0 to 3, and will give you some extremely nourishing soup if asked.
    • JT teaches fish from levels 0 to 2, pistols from levels 4 to 10, and repair from levels 8 to 15. His shack also holds some porn and ammo.
    • Virgil is the key NPC in the supply runner job, and also teaches chemistry and persuade from levels 3 to 9, rifles from levels 7 to 10, and torture from levels 10 to 15.
    • Remington could use some basilisk hides, and has the distinction of being one of the most dangerous mobs in HellMOO. More than likely, if you piss him off, he'll fatality you inside 4 seconds. If you do manage to drop him, well done: his suit counts as a trophy.