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The people of Corpclave enjoy their safety and the most noticable aspect of that is the large wall that starts at the beach on one side of the area, moves south some distance, then moves east before going back to another beach to the north.

Members of Corps that have a HQ in the area will be able to move through the gate to the south, but those who are not might be able to find a way to sneak themselves in if they have a rope.

Dominating the skyline of the 'clave is the massive Weyland-Utani building, a favorite place for any daredevil. Make sure you bring a parachute! Just to the west of the building is the Aerosmith Aerodome where you can land and store your aircraft, while just over the road to the south is Simon and Simon Aircraft who can sell you a tiltrotor. Don't forget to lock your new wings!

A subway links the Corpclave with the nearby Burbclave. If you ask around, you might be able to meet a gundealer at the friendly Liddy Arms Shooting Range. Just be sure you can prove to them that you actually know how to shoot! And don't forget to buy yourself an implant at the Enhancement Clinic! A little further to the east and south are the security store of Jean-Charles and the art store of Robert, Marvin's store that sells most things tobacco, along with posh clothing sold by Ava.

To the north you can buy 'medicinals' from Dr. Tongue, posh furnishings for your home from Victoria, and lastly the gym of the Genetically Superior Brucie who will motivate you through your exercises like no one else.

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.