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'Cool' is a Stat which defines your confidence and resistance to stress. The amount of Gangland minions you can hire is determined by your cool total.

  • Jewelry and bling makes you feel more confident and therefore make you more cool up to a max of +4
  • If your cool stat drops below a certain point you will decide it's time to speak in ranDoM cAPiTALs.
  • While climbing you may be forced to make a Cool check, upon failing your character will 'forget to not look down' and fall. This can happen regardless of your climbing skill.
  • Cool can allow you to resist shock from powerful attacks, effectively ignoring the stun and allowing you to continue fighting. You will receive a message similar to 'You manage to keep your cool.' upon a successful roll.
  • When initiating combat Cool is used to determine the speed of your first attack. A person with high Cool will land their first hit faster vs a person with lower cool. Power attacking as your opener move negates this.

The Admins haven't yet revealed everything that cool does. They have said that it does many things under the hood and is more useful than people give it credit. Regardless, players consider Cool to be the least desirable stat to put gym IP towards.

Where to train

  • Playing on the CvC machine at the Arcade in Slagtown. This requires two people to play and a pog per round. Don't be sad if you don't have any friends! You can challenge Yipes to a game. Watch out! He can be a sore loser.

Skills that depend on Cool