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wear (any clothing or armor item)

Put on clothing or armor that is currently in your inventory.

Clothing you currently have on can protect you from various types of damage (which can be determined by using appraise), keep you from being able to perform some actions (notably fuck), and help define the style of your character -- anywhere from a naked psycho, to a raider caring nothing about style, to a suave money-making playa who knows how to make himself look good.

You must have the clothing in your inventory when you try to put it on. Any clothing your are wearing will remain listed in your inventory, with (worn) beside its description.

Each clothing item covers one or more of the following areas: head, hands, arms, chest, abdomen, groin, legs, feet. You can have multiple layers on various parts, such as a t-shirt (arms, chest, abdomen) and jacket (arms, chest, abdomen), or pants (groin and legs) and leggings (legs only). You receive full armor bonuses for all items you wear, not just the outer layer.

The amount you may wear on each body part depends on the Brawn stat. If you do not have enough Brawn to wear more clothing on an area, you will be informed of which area is already maxed out with a message such as: You're not feeling brawny enough to wear any more on your arm. (See thickness, under worn below.)

remove (any clothing or armor item)

Remove clothing or armor your are currently wearing.

You must remove articles of clothing in order of layers - anything you're wearing under one layer cannot be removed without first removing that layer. Any clothing removed will remain in your inventory.


Show what you are currently wearing, including the thickness (Thk) and the condition (Cond) and the dodge penalties (Dodge) for each item.

Each bodypart shows what protects it in order of layer - the topmost layer is listed first, followed by the next topmost, and so on. If there is nothing protecting that bodypart (such as head in our example), it will let you know.

The Thk number listed is that item's thickness. The maximum amount of thickness you can have on each bodypart is equal to your Brawn -- for example, with a Brawn of 11, you cannot have more than 11 points of thickness on any part of you. If a piece of clothing you want to put on will go over that limit on any bodypart is covers, you cannot wear it.

Note: There is one exception to this rule -- if all the bodyparts for a piece of clothing are already bare, then you can wear that piece of clothing, no matter what the thickness. For example, if you have a trenchcoat (Thk 12, covers head, hand, arm, chest, abdomen, groin, leg), but only a Brawn of 11, you can wear the coat if all the places it covers is already bare.

Important: the thickness rating doesn't have anything to do with the ability to prevent damage. To find out how well a particular piece of clothing or armor prevents the various damage effects, see the appraise skill.

Hint: Horniness temporarily increases your brawn, so being horny will allow you to wear more than you are able to when you are not. Get horny, wear said armor, and then wank to get all the benefits of additional armor with none of the drawbacks from being horny.

The Cond numbers listed are that items current condition (left number) and total condition (right number). If the current hp is less than the total hp, the item is damaged (see repair for how to fix it yourself). When an item's condition reaches 0, the item is destroyed.

For more information: see PlayerClothing.