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---+++hunt (any creature) hunt <target>

Causes you to begin hunting for another creature.

When you enter a new room, if there is any creature that matches what you're hunting for, you will immediately attack it (see CommandAttack). If such a creature is not in the room, you will just be notified if you are hunting for it (i.e. "You hunt for chud...").

You must match the name of a creature (or an alias for the creature) to auto-attack. You cannot just use *hunt human* in order to kill everyone around you, however you can use this to kill various types of monsters, such as using hunt chud or hunt zombie. (Although in some cases, such creatures will automatically attack you anyway.)

  • Note:* You only check for hunting when you enter a room. You will not start automatically attacking a creature if it enters the room, nor will you automatically attack a creature the moment you set your hunt.

You may check your status (see CommandStatus) to see if you are hunting for something.

To stop hunting a creature, type stop (see CommandStop).

-- Main.ChaJ - 07 Jul 2004