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Command: grab <target>

Grab is a command which allows you to grab somebody and keep a hold of em. Get a few cheap shots in, maybe give em a good hot dicking.

From there you can strip, rape, or facefuck the victim, as well as push them to a direction. If you have a one handed weapon (or ripper claws), you can get in free attacks on the grabbed victim. Try pushing someone down some stairs or off a climb!

Whether you succeed or fail at grabbing a victim, you will gain some stress. The Wrestle skill is checked when you are attempting to remove armor from someone, and brawn is checked to see how long you can hold onto them vs how fast they can escape. Really beefy people are hard to hang on to! Eelskin makes you pretty hard to hold on to, so you can escape grabs more easily. It's also a lot harder to hang onto people covered in decals or with oozing sores, since they're slipperier.