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---+++follow (any creature, or "me" to stop following)

Causes you to begin following another creature. As they move from room to room, you will follow along with them.

You may check your *status* (see CommandStatus) to see if you are following someone. You can move normally while following someone, but if they leave a room that you're in while you're set to follow them, you will move along with them.

To stop following a creature, type *follow me*. You can also stop following with the *stop* command (see CommandStop). If someone begins to follow you, you will be notifed that they are.

Note: Sometimes there may be slight amount of lag between the time they leave the room and you follow. It is possible that you could lose the creature you are following, if they move fast enough (i.e. if a PC has several moves queued), or if they go through a door and close it before you enter.

-- Main.ChaJ - 06 Jul 2004