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aim is a command that allows you to level a ranged weapon (pistol or rifle) at a doorway or player, and is dependant on the quickdraw skill.

Command Variations

aim weapon to direction will aim your selected weapon at a doorway. This can not be an opening, but a closed or open doorway.

aim weapon to player will aim your selected weapon at a player. If the player moves or makes an action, you will automatically fire.


Aim is a very useful command, and one of the most distinct advantages ranged weapons have. Aiming at a player before an impending fight (or using it to start a fight!) is one way to get a severely damaging free shot right at the beginning, often turning the tide of a battle. If you are being chased by somebody, you can aim at a doorway and you will automatically blast them when they walk through. The possibilities are endless!


- If you have a high quickdraw skill, and a ranged weapon, you will automatically aim your weapon straight back at the person who is aiming at you.

- Grabbing an opponent while they are aiming at you cancels their aiming command.

- Don't move, and wait for them to stress out, or kill you. This is not a good counter.