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You'll need good reflexes to react to changing terrain as you climb and endurance to keep going as your muscles give out.

Climb is a very useful skill in HellMOO. It is used, unsurprisingly, for climbing up and down ladders, cliffs, and walls. It's a good idea to become at least decent at climb early on the game, as this allows you much greater access to the world as a whole.

Having a total climb of around fourteen is more than enough to let you handle virtually any climb in HellMOO, provided you use grappling hooks/ropes.


To train climb, a good place to go is Rolf's Gym in Slagtown. In the northern room of the gym is a climbing wall which will allow you to gain skill without risk of serious injury. Of course this is only good for your first couple of raws once you get too good you won't really get much IP from it.

Once you pass 10 or 12 total (with at least 1 raw, of course), training in Brucie's Gym, located in Corpclave, should be considered as an alternative to Rolf's Gym. Keep in mind that you CAN take fall damage from Brucie's wall though.

Also consider the outer wall of the Bradbury, or of ENEMA HQ. By the time you get too good for any of these, you should know of tougher climbing places - unless the first and only thing you do is grind climb.

Related: Leapfrog

If one has the Leapfrog, one of the mutations, they will be able to bypass all climb checks, provided they succeed in their leapfrog.


Eschaton Outfitters in Freedom City offers two tools that can greatly help inexperienced climbers in traversing cliffs, a climbing rope and a grappling hook.

A climbing rope allows you to hang climbing rope from <direction>. Then you can climb down the rope. After reaching the bottom, you can get climbing rope from <direction> to retrieve your rope.

A grappling hook can be used exactly the same way, but can also be used to climb upwards. Simply throw grappling hook to <direction> to use it. (Unsurprisingly, using a grappling hook in this manner depends upon throw.) You can then climb up the rope and, after reaching the top, retrieve your grappling hook by using get grappling hook from <direction>

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