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City Hall is located in Freedom city, at 1300 cheney way. It's open 24/7, though the downstairs clerk often passes out at night.


There are two shops here. The bottom sells contracts required for making your own corp (business license) and expanding its available contract slots (business expansion, up to 10 slots per corp), as well as a few other contracts.

The shop on the upper floor sells invasion and rescue contracts; new players come back here a lot to max out the prisoner hunter and chud hunter jobs.

The corporate leaderboard is on the ground floor, which lists the top ten corps in the game according to their net worth. Number one is WU, which is a non-player corp, and ENEMA stays in the number two slot because it's the noob corp and none of its cash is ever spent on anything.

The northern room on the ground floor is the Justice Kiosk, where you can list to see who has stars in Freedom City. You can also plead <x> to plead for whoever you want and try out your persuade skill; if you succeed, you'll pay their bail, get rid of some or all of their stars, and give yourself credit towards the shyster job.

Shop listings

Ground floor

a tankboy tracker contract (-75)                  $    300 
an Animal Control contract (-75)                  $    375 
a chomoninja tracker contract (-75)               $    450 
a Chomo Killer contract (-75)                     $    525 
a Eugenic Cleansing contract (-75)                $    825 
a freedom city enforcer contract (-75)            $  3,150 
a business license (-75)                          $ 15,000 
a business expansion contract (-75)               $ 15,000


a broken arrow contract                 $    220
a chud invasion contract                $    550
a prisoner hunter contract              $    550
a racist invasion contract              $    880
a mine rescue contract                  $  1,320