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A typical Chromemouth mutant.
A chobo knife wielding Chromemouth.

Chromemouth! The new kid on the block in the "racial" mutations roster. Made for slicing up kids.


The mutation spot is NE from the entrance to a lift. Ride the lift up, go north, east, and then down to mutate.


He is covered in white powder, his face is smeared with grease and his mouth is drenched in chrome paint.

Message upon receiving

       [ Your scavenge increased by 2! ]
       [ Your repair increased by 2! ]
       [ Your brains decreased by 2! ]
       [ Your ride increased by 4! ]
       [ Your endurance increased by 2! ]
       [ Your vampirism resistance increased by 100! ]
       [ Your radiation sickness resistance increased by 40! ]
       [ Your generic bodily affliction resistance decreased by 20! ]
       [ You've just received some new commands. ]
       [ zero : Keep your cool while focusing on a single target. Regenerate through the glory of bloody intimate violence! ]
       Kapho falls to the floor and starts rolling around in white powder. A splash of grease and a quick slurp of chrome spraypaint later, she stands up.
       [ You've developed the 'chromemouth' mutation! ]


You've chosen to lead the life of a twitchy warboy, congratulations! The primary focus of the mutation is the 'zero' command. The chance of success for this command is based on total cool, NOT focus. Upon success, you heal for a percentage of your damage dealt in combat with a cap based on how hurt YOU are. The more damaged you are, the higher the cap is! You need to be a little wounded to use it, though. Additionally, you have access to a premium shop available only to you and your fellow chromemouths. So privileged! Because of the way the 'zero' command works, the primary builds compatible with chromemouth are cool ones (NOTE: You cannot use zero with ranged weapons. Fuck you). Which tends to fall under the blades category, ideally you thrive in PvE on your own as you have your own form of sustain packaged with you. In PvP, ganksquads are especially powerful on account of the chrome spraycan.

Chrome Spraycan

The chrome spraycan can be purchased from the premium foofarah chromemouth shop. Only usable by chromemouths who are close to death, using the spraycan will actually force you six feet under on account of severe toxicity. So what's the point, you ask? It's for your friends! When you die under the influence of a spraycan, your fellow chromemouths have WITNESSED you, reviving their combat fervor in a frenzy! Wowie you're such a considerate gank-mate! Additionally, you receive a massive buff to your bombs skill post-spraycan use. Use this cleverly so I can laugh about it in zotnet.

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