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Chomoninjas are, as the name suggests, chomologist ninjas. They spawn only when a player has a Chomoninja Tracker contract active, during which they will appear one at a time in Freedom City, Slagtown, or Shoreline. While they are physically far less powerful than their contract payout would suggest, they are among the smartest enemies in the game, and can feint many players.

Equipment and Behavior

Chomoninjas spawn with lotus nodachis, though they should not drop anything more valuable than cans of soda. When spawned, chomoninjas will begin to wander, though they will not typically leave the three areas they are generated in. However, they will sometimes be spawned in (or wander into) locked rooms or shops that are closed for the evening, forcing players to either break in or wait for them to exit.

Contract Information

  • Contract Location: City Hall (CH) in northern Freedom City.
  • Contract Cost: $3,000
  • Contract Payout: $3,000 per kill.