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Chill, not to be confused with Cold damage or the Cold status effect, is a stat that determines how much Stress you will lose per heartbeat if you Sit or Recline in a given area. It is a valuable stat for those interested in Focus mutations or Craft, both of which generate large amounts of stress. You can use the Appraise skill to determine how much chill a room has by using the app here command.

If you have Hideous Freak as one of your mutations, stressing and destressing is reversed.

Obtaining Chill

In order to obtain some chill for yourself, you'll need to rent an apartment, preferably one that has easy land access to Freedom City. Most objects that provide chill are very heavy furniture items, which usually require a hover platform to move. Because of this, it'll be a lot easier to get a high-chill apartment in the Bradbury or Sweaty Palms than in Weezer Village or Luskentyre Plateau. Furniture can be crafted (and sold through the Galleria) or purchased from one of the NPC vendors: the Import/Export Office in Freedom City or Ye Olde Victrola in Corpclave. Be sure to bring a hover platform when you go, lest someone steal that bed you just purchased with a hover platform of their own.

Furniture that can be sat or reclined on tends to only give chill when you are sitting or reclining on it, and will not show up if you perform app here while standing.

There is a leaderboard in Any Port that shows who has the highest-chill apartments.

Losing Chill

Chill can be lost in several ways, the most obvious of which are urinating or cumming on the floor of your apartment. All crafting benches (stoves, gunsmith benches, stills, sewing machines, etc) give a -8 penalty to chill for each bench present. Dropping non-furniture items on your floor will also give a penalty to chill - put them inside a cabinet instead.

Diminishing Returns on Chill

After placing a certain amount of furniture in your apartment, you will start to recieve a penalty as if you had clutter on the floor. The penalty will first appear on your app here at 0, and will reach -1 with a few more pieces of furniture. Good ways to combat this include:

  • Removing items that serve the same purpose. Ideally, unless your apartment is shared with someone else, you only need one item to sit or recline on, usually a hot tub.
  • Replacing lower chill items with higher-chill ones (can be expensive)
  • Removing duplicate storage items. Coat Racks and Armor Stands are huge offenders, as they hold very little and provide no chill, but count toward diminishing returns.

List of Chill by Item

Chill value from items may vary depending on your cool stat. Values listed are at 7 cool.

Name Chill Value (est) Price (est) Price per Chill Point Found At/In Notes
Air Mattress 2 $148 $74 Hell Up In Hardware Cheaper than a water bed. Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining on it.
Aiwa Stereo 2 $975 $487 Circuit Shiti The cheapest way to listen to the radio.
Beefalo Rug 6 $2700 $337 Import/Export Office Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining on it.
Boris Vallejo Print 4 $750 $187 Mapplethorpe Gallery None
Cherry Cabinet 2 $7500 $3750 Ye Olde Victrola Allows you to store items inside it, gives chill despite being a storage item.
Clutter Starts at -1 N/A N/A Varies Most non-furniture items will give a penalty to chill if dropped on the floor. Put them in a cabinet or another storage item to negate this penalty.
Coat Rack 0 $900 N/A Ye Olde Victrola A storage item that allows you to hang clothing items from it. Does not give chill.
Coffee Table 2 $375 $187 Ye Olde Victrola Cheap. Can hold small objects to increase its chill value without adding to messiness.
Craft Benches (all) -8 per bench Varies N/A Varies Each craft bench will give -8 to the room's overall chill. Chill can never drop below 0.
CRT TV 2 $300 $150 Import/Export Office The cheapest way to watch TV. Light enough to carry, can be thrown at things for hilarity.
Female Nude Photo 6 $1500 $250 Mapplethorpe Gallery None
Fireplace 10 $15000 $1500 Import/Export Office Terribly expensive for a mere ten chill. For $1500 more you could buy a hot tub, and for the $15,000 pricetag you could buy more chill worth of trading cards from Andy.
Folding Chair 6 $150 $25 Eschaton Outfitters Gives as much chill as a Beefalo Rug for less than a third of the price, but only one person can use it at a time. Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining on it.
Holopanel TV 8 $9600 $1200 Import/Export Office Gives ability to watch TV, and is the highest chill-value TV purchaseable from NPC stores.
Large Cabinet 0 $2250 N/A Import/Export Office Like many pure storage items, does not give or remove chill. Allows you to store items so they do not count toward a clutter penalty.
Large Hot Tub 112 $16500 $147 Import/Export Office The most expensive item the Import/Export office carries. Easily gives the most chill per dollar. Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining in it. Can be used to wash, but not to fill canteens. Will add a small amount of stress if you are not naked while using it.
Lava Lamp 6 $1400 $233 420 High Street Corner Market A low-cost chill solution, consider one of these as an early purchase for your apartment.
Lizard Skull 8 N/A N/A Scavenged People tend to drop these as junk. Put them on a table to avoid a penalty from messiness.
Locker 0 $5250 N/A Hell Up in Hardware Storage item that does not give or remove chill.
Long Table 2 $900 N/A Ye Olde Victrola Can presumably hold a lot of small objects.
Medicine Cabinet 0 $750 N/A Import/Export Office Storage item that only holds medical supplies. Useful for categorizing storage areas.
Mitsugatosanwi Stereo 16 $4725 $295 Circuit Shiti Functionally the same as the Aiwa Stereo, but with added chill value.
Nice Couch 4 $3000 $750 Import/Export Office Gives less chill than a folding chair, but multiple people can use it at one time. Only gives chill if you are sitting/reclining on it.
Office Chair 6 $300 $50 Import/Export Office Virtually the same as the Folding Chair with a slightly higher price.
Origami Animals 16 $5015 $313 Journal The type of animal is picked at random, but all of them give the same chill value.
Playgirl Centerfold 2 $150 $75 Mapplethorpe Gallery A decent source of chill for an apartment on a budget.
Reef Tank 6 $8250 $1375 Import/Export Office Will gain chill when fish are put into it. Fish caught at the Shoreline yield 2 chill each, unknown if fish from other areas are worth more.
Refrigerator 0 $6000 N/A Import/Export Office Allows you to store food and other perishable items. Does not give or take chill by itself.
Roll of Tinfoil -36 $975 N/A Hell Up In Hardware Prevents clairvoyants from projecting into your apartment and watching you sexhave, but at a massive hit to chill.
Roll of Wallpaper 4 $1087 $271 Import/Export Office Gives 4 chill when applied to walls, gives you the opportunity to add a description to your room.
Roman Hookah 8 $375 $46 Vice City A very good source of chill for the price. Can sometimes be found on dead NPCs in FC.
Row of Metal Cabinets 0 $12300 N/A Import/Export Office The most expensive storage item carried by the Import/Export office. Does not give chill.
Scrimshaws Varies $630 (base) Varies Crafted Scrimshaws are made using an engraving tool from Hell Up in Hardware ($630) and a skull. Their chill value depends on how high the craft skill of the person who made them is. At high craft levels, it is possible to make a scrimshaw that gives 22 to 24 chill. Can be placed on a table.
Shower/Shower Kit 15 (when on) Free/$15000 (for a kit) $1000 Apartment Buildings/Hell Up In Hardware Most of the rentable apartment buildings have a shower, which allows you to drink to lower thirst, and to clean yourself off from all that zombie bile that's about to infect you. You can also buy one for your Corp HQ for $15,000 from Hell Up In Hardware. This is added as a separate room, rather than as an object in a room. A hot tub is generally the more practical option for individual apartments. The Bradbury has a publicly-accessible one on the ground floor.
Skene Juice/Semen -4 N/A N/A Yourself Should be cleaned up.
Stained Plaid Sofa 2 $1050 $525 Import/Export Office The cheapest possible sofa.
Trading Card Collector's Case Varies $5250 Varies Commander Andy's Gives no chill by itself. Filling it with trading cards will rapidly increase chill value. Mint condition, holographic, and signed cards will give higher chill. The chill value from a case can go ridiculously high (96+) with the right cards. Great for crafting rooms.
Trophy Case Varies $10500 Varies Ye Olde Victrola Like the Trading Card Case, gives no chill by itself. Filling it with trophies from certain unique mobs will increase chill value by roughly 4 per trophy (possibly higher for more challenging trophies).
Urine -4 N/A N/A Yourself Should be cleaned up by using clean urine.
Wardrobe 0 $2625 N/A Import/Export Office Storage item that does not give or remove chill.
Water Bed 8 $3000 $375 Import/Export Office Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining on it.
Yetiskin Rug 10 $6675 $667 Ye Olde Victrola Only gives chill if you are sitting or reclining on it.