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A chemist gots to have brains to mix 'em things together so they don't go puff-piff in his face!

Chemistry is a specialized craft skill that allows you to make things using a Chemistry Set and Chemicals. It also lets you make drugged meals, the kind of thing that freaks and abominations enjoy.

I want to make drugs! How do I grind chemistry?

Grinding chemistry takes a lot of raw materials - zombie brains, venom sacs, empty syringes, raw meat, pills of any sort and crank are all useful here. Making various hypos is a great way to raise your chemistry skill. Mixing pills into meals you cook on the stove is another way, although this takes a bit more time. Put one pill in the stove at a time to conserve your stocks of phamaceuticals.

Bear in mind that learning chemistry can be a very painful experience as chemistry sets and stoves have a tendency to burn you if you have low skill.

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