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What is chatnet?

As its name implies, chatnet is a net for chatting. It's a handy place to converse with a bunch of people, and it's easy to access seeing as it's linked to your wristpad. To join chatnet, just type chatnet on and you're in. To talk to people on this net, just type chat (your message goes here!). If you deem it necessary to block yourself off from social interaction for a while, chatnet off will turn off chatnet and return you to your life of hermitage and silence. If you've been away for a bit and you're not sure what the current hot topic is, chatnet history will get you on track to chatting it up. chatnet who shows you who is on chatnet, so if you go off on a wild tangent about how someone is a massive scrub you should check that list first to make sure they are on the net to hear you rant.

What goes on in chatnet?

Chatnet is pretty much a bunch of people sitting around talking about how gay they are or how gay someone else is. Sometimes, though, there are pretty cool conversations and discussions going on and you should feel free to chime in with your two cents on the topic at hand. However, there are some things you should know about chatting:

  • No spoilers. Don't ruin the game for people who want to explore as much as they can without being told what they'll find out.
  • No spamming a million shitty messages at once. You'll get booted and then some.


If you spam or otherwise abuse chatnet, chatnet users have the ability to chatboot you. If a chatboot is initiated, users may vote to kick you from the net for a brief period of time.

Initiating a chatboot against someone who hasn't been abusing the channel, for example because you don't like them, is itself considered abuse and may result in a ban from chatnet.