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Looking for an extravagant urine-soaked evening the whole family can enjoy? Head on down to the Freedom Bay Casino! Whether you're staying at the Sweaty Palms, Bradbury, or anywhere close to Freedom City the FBC is just a brisk walk away.

Gambling Attractions


Have a seat at the blackjack table to begin the game.

Place your bet using:

 bet <something>

After the cards are dealt, you'll see your cards and the dealer's cards.

To hit or stay, use one of the following:

 -21 hit
 -21 stay

It's that easy! If you beat the dealer, cash will be credited to your account.

Slot Machines

There are three varieties of slot machine to play:

  • One Dollar - To play the dollar slots, all you need is $1. You can win a maximum of $1,000 on the dollar slots. play dollar.
  • Ten Dollar - To play the ten dollar slots, you'll need at least $10. You can win a max of $10,000 on the ten dollar slots. play ten dollar.
  • Champagne Slots - The champagne slots are located in the Diamond Club, and require a deposit of $500 to start play. You can win a max of $1,000 on the Champagne slots. play champagne.


The Casino has two roulette wheels. Sit down at the table to get started.

Place your bet in the following format:

 bet <amount> on <position>

Type Spin wheel to get the game started.

If you're lucky the little bouncing ball will stop on your number and cha-ching! Cash is yours.


The crowning jewel of the casino, here you can play poker against other players and rob them blind with your incredible bluffing skills.

Poker is more complicated than other casino games, but the in-game implementation of it is very simple. You do, however, need to know how to actually play poker first! Once you've assembled a friend or two, sit on table will get everyone in position to begin the game, and -KGB start will get the ball rolling. After that, it's all common sense, game sense, and the financial sense to quit while you're ahead (or not!).

Other Features

  • There is a stairwell at the casino's rear which leads upward, but there's nothing up there. A random corridor stretching to the south also hints at more planned content for this area that never came.
  • There is a locked, unopenable, unbashable in the basement, leading to a tile called "office". This is probably unfinished or broken content.
  • The Diamond Club is only accessible to players who have maxed out the gambler job. It has the Champagne slots in it, but is otherwise unremarkable.

Miscellaneous Information

  • The gambler job can be quickly maxed out here by just spamming pull slot one dollar at a time until you get 5 lucky wins.
  • CASHTV broadcasts from the BlackJack table at the Casino.
  • Tiles past the Casino Security Guard are not guarded by FCPD cameras, and do not count as green zones.