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A 40-focus carrie-wielding temper tantrum.

Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature risin'!

Carrie gives the ability to set opponents on fire using Focus. It is a popular mutation, thanks to its utility against guns builds. It is incompatible with Chiller.


Carrie is located in the Open Prairie, to the far south of the zone on the "Fire Pit" tile. On the Open Prairie map, the correct tile is at grid reference M05.


This mutation grants:

   Passive: +1 Focus
   Passive: Do not need lighters to light cigarettes, etc.
   burn command: Use Focus to set opponents alight
   cook command: Cook raw meat to prevent food poisoning


  • +1 Focus. This is a small bonus that assists the main ability of the mutation.
  • Fire debuff. Immolating opponents debuffs their accuracy and other stats, and is doubly effective against gunners. The maximum debuffs are visible here, but the headline effect is -5 to-hit (or -10 against guns). The burn ability has a moderate cooldown and costs stress.
  • Raw meat cooking. Hyperimmune is popular and food is plentiful, so this is largely useless, but both this and the passive lighter-free flame cost no stress, have no cooldown, and cannot cause mentals.


  • Possible mental gain. Using burn has a chance of causing a mental in the user. This chance is lowered if the user has Solar Sponge.

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