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Carebear corps have made the irreversible decision to not participate in PvP. This comes with advantages and disadvantages.

How do I make my corp carebear?

You can do this by signing a FCPD monitoring contract, available at City Hall. As stated, this is a one-off decision.

Note that you cannot sign a FCPD monitoring contract until your corp has existed for at least two weeks.

What are the advantages of being in a carebear corp?

  • You are safe from PvP. Members of carebear corps cannot be attacked by other players, including Red Zones.

What are the disadvantages of being in a carebear corp?

  • Members of carebear corps may never rob player-owned apartments, boats or planes. They are not allowed to pick player-owned locks or bash down player-owned doors.
  • Carebear corps pay a 25% tax on contract payouts.
  • Members of carebear corps may not hack cams in Gangland.
  • Other restrictions on carebear activity appear from time to time
  • Other players may assume that you are a sexhaver.
  • You will be referred to as a plebeian, swine-herd, and lower-class scum many times.
  • You cannot attack anyone, at any time, for any reason. This includes red zones, people who have challenged you, and your own corpmates.

How can I see which corps are carebear?

The names of carebear corps show in shades of pink or magenta when you type "who".


After signing the FCPD Monitoring Contract, it will take two weeks in real life for your protection to fully kick in. Better get your rape, murder and grief out before your life of celibacy!