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Camelfat is a mutation that reduces a mutant's rate of thirst, and the speed that drugs and other effects pass through their system. Camelfat is a very unpopular mutation; it has been indirectly nerfed several times, and is incompatible with Iron Liver, an outright superior mutation.


Camelfat's mutation tile is on the very first tile of the Sea of Dunes. Being deep in the desert, hot weather gear and radiation protection are required to reach it. At night, a light source will be necessary as well.


  • Next to no thirst. Camelfat mutants never have to worry about thirst, and can get by drinking from water sources in zones rather than carrying water. This is a minor quality of life boost, and also indirectly reduces the mutant's time spent peeing.
  • Extended drug buffs. This is almost useless, since most drugs are cheap and only required for short periods, but it is sometimes handy for rare drugs.
  • Psilocybin. When properly managed, psilocybin gives +5 focus in exchange for -1 Brains and -1 Reflexes. Iron Liver mutants find it difficult to maintain this, since IL resists psilocybin, but a camelfat mutant can trip for about an hour at a time with ease.


  • Increased withdrawal times. The two most used drugs are crank and speed, which can have dangerous strung effects that can even be lethal. Camelfat only slightly increases the length of the buff, but massively increases the duration of the strung.
  • Longer-lasting rads. Radiation poisoning and its debuffs are retained for longer in Camelfat mutants. This is both a passive annoyance and an active danger; having rads not wear off in good time while more are being applied can quickly add up to dangerous levels.
  • Poor economy. The fundamental trade of Camelfat is very bad; increased risk using major drugs is not worth the reward of extending buffs that do not need to be extended.
  • Incompatible with Iron Liver. This is a huge problem; Iron Liver is an incredibly strong mutation with tons of great perks and synergies, and Camelfat's offering is unimpressive in comparison.

Camelfat mutants should be ready to deal with rads quickly, and should also have good Endurance; if they don't, they'll never be able to use drugs safely.


This mutation does not change a character's appearance.

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