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CHILL, in a nutshell

A semi-cohesive group of overgrown mongoloids, CHILL has only survived as a corp thus far because it's holder doesn't log on long enough to officially dissolve it. Any time they don't spend either idling for hours on end or shitting all over chat is spent bullying smaller, weaker corps to get what they want.

They've fought numerous corp wars, winning all of them purely based on overwhelming numbers. A single high-xp freakwhipper is alone in Gangland? You better believe they'll send out the six-man ganksquad. A small group of n-tags trying to collect travel journals? They send out the six-man ganksquad. An orphan that doesn't know how to play wanders under one of their cameras? Six-man ganksquad.
Why are they like this you ask? Well the answer is quite simple, its just that everyone in CHILL is just inherently bad at the game. They're the kind of players that spend the bulk of their times in expensive homes they didn't pay for roleplaying sex with people they don't know to get themselves off because god knows they can't do it any other way.

Corp Hierarchy

The corp itself is divided between two main groups: Management, those who after many long months of steady ass-kissing finally sucked enough cock for HellBlazer-senpai to notice them, and Employees, those who are still waiting in the cock-sucking queue to get their big chance at popularity. Onto more specifics:

Holders: HellGayzer
HellBlazer has been the CEO of CHILL for several years now and does absolutely nothing to manage it
Board: Angelinia, Brycen, and Russia
The sole requirement for board in CHILL is to not play the game at all
Security: Ashier, Jacael
A literally useless title given to people based on lottery drawings.
Shopkeeps: Karoline, Leijon, Stryder, and F.U.C.K.E.R.
Since the CHILL shop never has anything of value anyways, the shopkeep rank exists just to make its recipients feel good about themselves and is given to members who have shown a (deserved) lack of self-worth.
Managers: Avery, Canalan, Eyne, Kapho, Nataria, Shale, Silk, Skye_Kasky, Taokaka, Tranny, Udachi, and Vaskivo.
The generic management title, Managers in CHILL are those proficient in the practice of brown-nosing. Since they make up the bulk of the active members, the position is practically meaningless and serves only to proliferate a circle-jerk mentality.
Employees: Generic morons
CHILL managers excel at hiring alts of their enemies, and regularly look for players with strange names or suspicious histories to bring into their fold so they can easily funnel information into other corps.


CHILL actually has most if not all admins directly in their pockets, and have proven to be above the law in literally every way due to the rampant nepotism inherent in the system.

CHILL was also directly involved in the Gulf War supplying virtual weaponry to the Iraqi army.

CHILL today

It's dead as the chud corpse you left behind after signing the next chud invasion contract. If you're in it, you can do corp takeover because I'm semi idle ha ha ha :^) -Avery

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