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A typical Brute Strength mutant.

"You're a big guy."
"For you."

Brute Strength is a mutation that boosts Brawn and Wrestle while penalizing Endurance. This mutation is very popular, being an auto-click for most brawn-based builds. It is incompatible with Swollen Brain, and by extension, Empath.


Brute Strength is located in the Sewers, past the Charnold. The Charnold is an early-game miniboss who will attack players if he thinks he can win, but he is very weak. Reaching him requires a little bit of sewer knowledge, though.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +3 to Brawn
    Passive: -1 to Endurance
    Passive: +1 to Wrestle


  • +3 Brawn. There are only three mutation bonuses to Brawn, and the other two are both racials: Abomination and Vampire. This is the only universal brawn boost. +3 equates to +1.5 in any skill that depends on Brawn, more damage scaling on all brawn-scaling weapons, more gun speed, and stronger grab and headbutt casts.
  • +1 Wrestle. Wrestle only gets +2 in total from mutations (the other being from Hooligan), so this is a nice buff to a useful crowd-control skill.


  • Incompatible with Swollen Brain. Most builds take one or the other of these two; taking Brute opens up the top levels of Brawn, but locks out the top levels of Brains. It is also impossible to be an Empath with Brute Strength.
  • -1 Endurance. This is a significant penalty, thanks to the usefulness of the Endurance stat, but for brawn builds it is an acceptable sacrifice for +3 Brawn.


This mutation adds the following line to a character's description:

   He/She has bulging muscles rippling under his/her skin.

Increasing levels of Brawn also grant more impressive messages when using the flex emote.

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