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The Bradbury an apartment in Slagtown where people go when they have nowhere else to live. Dirt cheap, and worth every credit. They do try though... which is more than can be said about most of the slums. Norman and Irving patrol the halls with their force of gorillabots, providing some protection from the lowlife hoods and gangers, but cannot stand up to an experienced, determined thief. The owlmen take care of those guys. With only the richies living corpside, and space in the city proper expensive and small, the Bradbury is becoming home to many of the city's new residents. Its basement contains zombies.

The Bradbury is used by many players because it is located close to the main part of Freedom City, the security force does not actively attack freaks or abominations and that it is cheap. Also because Owlmen hurt more than fucking C3s and have like half the response time, making Brad security more effective than the god damn FCPD. Because of the popularity of the Bradbury, many floors have been added on, meaning if you do try to go for a cheap apartment, you may end up with an apartment on the 8th floor, and best yet, the elevator in the Bradbury has a tendency to halt and leave you stuck for a while.