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A small border town at the outskirts of the Chinese Dong Guo state, on the southern shore of the sea. Due to its location it is frequented by the pirates who prey on ship traffic and coastal settlements.

Marauding pirates and ITLAPD pirates roam the town, always in need of a good shagging that they will take from you if you don't kill them first. The town is also host to one of the few sources of macadamia nuts in the world. It also has a plentiful supply of sugar beets in a slave farm on the eastern edge of town.




Pegleg Pete's


A shop that sells lots of semi-rare items that are usually only acquired at this shop. This shop is unique in that it has a rotating shop inventory. So not everything you want will be there all the time. Here is a list of things that can show up there:

 a can of sadness                        $       22        
 a bottle of Stimutacs                   $      150       
 a 7.62mm clip                           $      165        
 a box of fletch shells                  $      367 
 a box of incendiary shells              $      367
 a box of cheap firecrackers             $      375 
 a psychotropic grenade                  $      525 
 a box of slug shells                    $      712
 a pair of goldfish boots                $    1,500
 a pair of steel leggings                $    4,500
 a Walther P99                           $    7,200  
 an armordillo plate jacket              $    7,800 
 a juicer jacket                         $    9,000 
 a pair of reinforced kevlar pants       $    9,000 
 a Fizzomatic 3000                       $   15,375 
 a plasteel breastplate                  $   21,750 
 a sortbot                               $   39,000 
 a Jarvik 24 heart implant               $   45,000 
 More stuff, work in progress here.
 One of the modern lists, per 2021, below:
a can of sadness                        $       22 (1 in stock)       
a bottle of Stimutacs                   $      150 (1 in stock)       
a 7.62mm clip                           $      165 (1 in stock)       
a THC grenade                           $      225 (1 in stock)       
a box of incendiary shells              $      600 (2 in stock)       
a happyfriend doll                      $      450 (1 in stock)       
a psychotropic grenade                  $      525 (1 in stock)       
a box of slug shells                    $    1,200 (1 in stock)       
a pair of goldfish boots                $    1,500 (1 in stock)       
a M100 rifle                            $    2,100 (1 in stock)       
a metal suitcase                        $    4,500 (1 in stock)       
a ninetails whip mod                    $    6,150 (1 in stock)       
a Walther P99                           $    7,200 (1 in stock)       
a pair of reinforced kevlar pants       $    9,000 (1 in stock)       
a plasteel breastplate                  $   14,175 (1 in stock)       
a Fizzomatic 3000                       $   15,375 (1 in stock)       
an AK-7 rifle                           $   21,000 (1 in stock)       
a Jarvik 24 heart implant               $   22,500 (1 in stock)       
a sortbot                               $   39,000 (1 in stock)

Telegraph Office


The telegraph office contains contracts from a few places in the world. Unique to the store is the Dino hunter contract.

 a Highway Security contract             $      600 
 a Western Hunter contract               $      675
 a Desert Hunter contract                $      750 
 a Dino Hunter contract                  $    1,800

Fish Bastards Tackle


Botany Bay's fishing store. Bing will buy your fishbuckets. This is also the store you can get the carbon fishing pole at which is the best fishing rod in the game. There is also an air compressor that you can use to refill your scuba tank.

 a dead silverfish                       $        1 
 a dead anchovy                          $        1 
 an earthworm                            $        1 
 a bait jar                              $       60 
 a bamboo fishing pole                   $      105 
 a fishbucket                            $      150 
 a wood fishing pole                     $      750 
 a scuba tank                            $    1,425 
 a pair of binoculars                    $    4,500 
 a carbon fishing pole                   $    6,300 



The only boat shop in the game. You can use champagne they sell to rename your boat one time.

 a bottle of rotgut champagne            $       55  
 a bone-dry jerrycan                     $       55 
 a runabout                              $   24,750 
 a fishing trawler                       $  181,500      
 a luxury yacht                          $  522,500

Tree of Life

A medical supply store, selling healing items and such. This shop is home of the lumberjack job. Ask the old chinese man inside about the job to learn more.

 a single-use trauma kit                 $       20 
 a medium trauma kit                     $      100 
 a suture kit                            $      120 
 a white cocoon capsule                  $      150 
 an insta-cast                           $      200 
 a blue cocoon capsule                   $    1,500 
 a portable defibrillator                $    2,600 

Kowloon Wirehead


A fireworks and implants shop. They sell the three high end implants that Maas doesn't. They also have the chepest endocrine booster implants in the game.

 a roman candle                          $       65
 a chinese 'Year Of Cock' firework       $       97
 a chinese firework tube                 $      130
 a box of cheap firecrackers             $      325
 an endocrine booster module             $    4,550
 a LIDAR implant                         $   39,000
 a hotrail implant                       $   39,000
 a multiprocessor implant                $   39,000

Other useful locations

  • The Statue of Freedom is a large statue on the northern beach of Botany bay. It houses one of the two helipads for the area.
  • Famous Original Ray's West is exactly like the safety deposit place in Freedom City. You can have 10 slots full in both, leading to 20 deposit slots.
  • Clone Shack is a regular clone bay, but it's not owned by W-U, which means you won't get a barcode tattoo if you clone here.
  • Happy Ending Massage Parlor has a massage table. Since nobody is dumb enough to grind medic with massages in such an open area, this place goes mostly unused.
  • Muscle Beach is east of the Statue of Freedom, and is a basic gym, just like the ones in Slagtown and Corpclave but much lower-traffic.
  • Trash Dump is what it sounds like. Some Vietnamese bum hangs out here. Word is, he used to be somebody...
  • Greasy Hut is an inconspicuous place on Drake Street. Certain business interests can blossom here, but you'll need a sharp mind and a keen eye.
  • Teabagger Vance's is a bar like Any Port but not as fancy. No jukebox, but it's got a phone and grog.
 Vance says, "We've got beer, bugshit, coffee, grog, hot kong, Sham Adams Black Label, snake squeezins, and whisky."


The Rodger Young

A Beached Luxury cruise liner that has been taken over by Andy Lau and a group of gun wielding pirates. These nasty pirates monitor the fiber eye cameras on the ship from the kitchen in the basement. The Gilded Clam on the main deck is sadly without a bartender currently. The Ship also supports the 2nd helipad for botany bay. Also Andy Lau carries a 12mm chudstopper hammerhead pistol. It will fuck you up if he hits you with it when your robbing bitches here.

  Rent per game month: $700
  One-time resident fee: $7500

Take note, the Rodger Young's rooms have the distinct disadvantage that you can't add room kits to them.