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So you want to be the baddest dude, now do you? Well let me tell you what boy-co you got your work cut out for you - there's a whole host of tougher, badder dudes roaming the terrifying radioactive wastes of the world, most of whom are unpleasant to the point of being quite obnoxious!

What Is A Boss?

Boss enemies can be defined in a variety of ways, most commonly on difficulty. However, in this article, we'll be defining bosses by specific items they drop - Trophies

Each boss monster in the game, and there's quite a few, drops an item specific only to that enemy. These items, trophies, are collected for bragging rights, and a decent chill bonus to whatever room you store them in.

Where Can I Find Them?

From the deepest pit of wateriest hell to the high in the skies aboard the Skydock, from Necropolis Gate to Mt. Fisty and everything in between.

Some bosses, such as Hawthorn and Usagi Yojimbo wander a certain area - Hawthorn from Glowstiller to the general Freedom City area, Usagi from Necropolis Gate to Luskentyre Plateau.


There are a lot of bosses with a lot of different difficulties, from the very easy Truckasaurus to the extremely strong Remington, bosses can vary a ridiculous amount in terms of strength.

There are also other, unique situations you have to face some bosses in - The Kraken is underwater, rendering most guns useless and slowing the attack speed of all non-eelskin players fighting it, while the Ant Queen has a group of larvae to protect her.