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Bloodhound is an entirely passive mutation that raises senses and track. It is a popular mutation, thanks to the lack of downsides and the utility of the track skill.


Bloodhound is located in a very easy spot - simply fall down the waterfall in Mountain Pass.


This mutation grants:

    Passive: +2 to Senses
    Passive: +4 to Track


  • +2 Senses. This means +1 to Dodge, Focus and Scavenge, three very important skills. It's also +1 to weapon skill for Whips users.
  • +6 Track. The mutation itself gives +4, and Track also depends purely on Senses, which equals +6 in total. Track is a very useful skill for both PvE and PvP, so this is a great boost, especially for builds that have poor Track naturally.


Takes up a mutation slot.

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