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The Bleeder mutation gives the ability to trade health for combat buffs. It is mutually exclusive with Zombie and Superclot.


The Bleeder mutation is hidden somewhere within St. God's Memorial Hospital in Slagtown. It's unguarded, but danger may lurk beyond it...


This mutation grants:

    rend command: inflicts bleeding wounds to self.
    Passive: Receive Frenzy buff when bleeding
    Passive: Periodic stress gain/loss, depending on whether character is bloodied
    Passive: 100% Immunity to blood loss KOs


  • Buffs when bleeding: up to +4 Brawn and Senses as well as high resistance to feints.
  • Can rend on demand, which self-inflicts a bleeding wound.
  • -10 stress per heartbeat when covered in blood.
  • 100% resistance to KO from blood loss. KOs are a common cause of death, and Bleeder totally rules out one source of them.
  • Counters feint. This makes bleeder an essential tool for any build that has no other counter to high-Brains builds.


  • Death? Trading health for buffs is a serious trade-off that may occasionally get mutants killed.
  • Passive stress gain whenever not covered in blood.
  • Cannot take Zombie or Superclot. Superclot is a particular loss for builds that wish to Endurance-tank mobs that inflict bleed.
  • Frenzy nukes medic, making it more difficult to patch up bleeding wounds and heal. This can be countered with makeshift bandages, which cleanse bleeding and require no medic skill.
  • Inconvenient debuffs. Bleeding wounds may hamstring a mutant's focus and other skills at awkward times.


Bleeder's workings are not immediately obvious. Here are some explanations.

Frenzy from Bleeding

All bleeding wounds will cause frenzy with Bleeder. This mechanic works as follows:

  • The strength of the frenzy scales with the bleed's magnitude. A -1 health bleed will give +1 frenzy every heartbeat, and thus +1/+1 Brawn/Senses. A -4 bleed will jump straight to +4/+4, which is the cap. Each dose also comes with increased resistance to feint.
    • Checking @buffs can help to inform mutants which level they are on.
  • Frenzy is added using the above scaling every heartbeat. Frenzy also has a good chance to reduce by -1 every heartbeat as it wears off naturally.
    • The frenzy's reduction is processed before the renewal, so if a mutant is at +4 frenzy, loses a dose to RNG, and gains a dose from a -1 bleed, the mutant will stay at +4 frenzy.
  • No more than four doses of Frenzy can be sustained at once. Using Bleeder with Hideous Freak's scare, berserker hypos or human hearts will not increase frenzy beyond this four-dose cap.
  • Sustained bleeding wounds will dose with frenzy as soon as health is subtracted on the next heartbeat, not immediately after the bleeding wound is sustained. rend is the exception to this; rend applies the frenzy immediately after use.


Using rend will make mutants attempt to deal a bleeding wound on themselves and apply immediate frenzy doses. Rend's mechanics are as follows:

  • Rend costs stress and a small amount of health to use.
  • Completing a rend applies frenzy doses immediately, combined with the bleeding wound which sustains and adds doses in future heartbeats, until the wound is patched or clots naturally.
  • Bleeding wounds from rend can be inconsistent; sometimes the bleed will be -4, sometimes just -1.
  • Using a cutting implement (swords, knives, claws, etc) is more consistent than rending with bare hands, but less powerful. Rending with bare hands relies on Endurance and has a higher chance to fail, but if the Endurance check is passed, is more likely to give the max dose of frenzy.

Interactions with Other Mutations

  • Vampires will additionally suffer -10 hunger for every heartbeat that their bleed ticks (regardless of the bleed's magnitude). This still applies to bleeds inflicted with rend.
  • Hideous Freaks will suffer acid damage from their acidic blood covering their own skin (unless the damage is soaked) in addition to the bleeding damage from the blood actually leaving their body. There is no additional benefit to this damage, and it does not contribute to frenzy. It also has a small chance to crit, meaning that freaks with low Endurance, Cool and resistances may suffer a stun or even a KO if their own blood burns their head, face or groin. Freak stress reversal also applies; freaks with bleeder will stress out when covered with blood, but destress every heartbeat when they are not.


Bleeder does not change a character's bodily appearance.

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