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Tired of sleeping in the Crash Landing Cube Hotel? Want a big place of your own to store your stuff? Then get an apartment!

Don't worry! You'll never be that safe again, but then again, this is a milestone of personal independence. Go you.

Where to Find Housing

You could sleep in your corp's HQ or simply doze off in the middle of the street somewhere, but for a variety of reasons (see: rape, death) most players decide to invest in their own apartment.

It's a bad idea to run out of money while renting - if you owe the landlord more than three months worth of rent, you get evicted and your precious items will be up for sale at Sargo's Discount Warehouse.

To give your friends access to your apartment, scan them into a Voxguard lock by typing -<door number> scan <player name>.
To add them as a resident, type @addresident <player name>. This can be a bad idea, as explained under "Challenges and you".

City Location Popularity Safety Down payment Monthly Rent Security (also see Police) Notes
Freedom City Crash Landing cube hotel N/A N/A None None Your body will be untouchable as long as you're logged off by typing @quit. As an N-tag, you can safely log off here as long as you don't have any active challenges or stars.
If you still do, you'll get dumped into the Sewers.
Gangland Broham Gardens 1/5 1/5 $300 $60 Two weak Gorillabots.
Get a lot of negative BG/AC rep, and Casey Jones (a tough asshole) will start hunting you in the FC area.
Economy housing in the truest sense, vaguely preferable to a cardboard box.
Freak friendly.
Gangland Astral Complex 2/5 2/5 $375 $40 Gorillabots, Owlmen and Casey Jones. Worse than the Bradbury since pickers here don't lose FCPD reputation. A decent alternative to Bradbury, but it's still in Gangland. Freak friendly.
Slagtown Bradbury 5/5 2/5 $500 $200 Weak Gorillabots, tougher Owlmen and various NPCs.
Similar to Astral Complex; people who pick here lose FCPD reputation.
Amazing location with easy access to the Bradbury Basement, Sewers and nearby Galleria.
Freak friendly.
Shoreline Innsmouth 3/5 3/5 $2,200 $320 FCPD cameras - police will take years to arrive due to the remote location. It's a hotel on the beach, chuting yourself places you into the ocean.
There are also multiple holes in the wall that you can jump into the ocean from on each floor.
Freedom City Sweaty Palms 5/5 5/5 $1,000 $300 Electrified floors and FCPD security cameras.
Very similar to the Helliday; police just take a few seconds longer to arrive.
Private lounge on the ground floor, showers on every floor. Slightly less safe than the Helliday, but with a much nicer layout.
Freedom City Final Rest Home 1/5 3/5 $15,000 $600 FCPD cameras. Only players older than 60(?) years can rent here. No internet access.
Freedom City Helliday Inn 4/5 5/5 $2,500 $1,000 Electrified floors, FCPD cameras, and close proximity to FCPD HQ. Best security in the whole game, thanks to nuke resistant, neigh unkillable SWAT.
It takes a few picked apartments until pickers get enough stars for SWAT, but then it's game over for them.
Has a lounge that comes with a bartender and drug vending machine.
Sewers Chudhive 1/5 N/A Free Free None. People can even check the residents' names at the entrance. Only Chuds can rent these apartments. Inactive players don't get evicted since there is no rent to pay.
Burbclave Halliburton Arms (Condos) 3/5 4/5 $500,000 $1,500 Electrified floors and ARC spiderlings armed with fade guns and curare darts.
Spiderlings respond quickly, can't be nuked while inside their pen and are a pain to deal with.
Comes with 5 rooms that you can install roomkits in.
Security is strong, but still inferior to that of Helliday/Sweaty Palms.
Burbclave Mansions 4/5 4/5 $1,500,000 $2,000 An ODC camera shoots lasers at people with enough Stars (i.e. pickers), but has a cooldown and does disappointing damage.
Spiderlings deploy from across Halliburton Arms at a painfully slow pace.
Each mansion is blinkblocked, has 13 rooms with 5 nanotube doors, open air tiles to construct planes on and their own private cloner.
There is a landing spot right outside each of them. Limited availability.
Low value for money ratio compared to a condo, especially since you can't build planes there anymore.
Wasteland Vault 4 1/5 0/5 $10,000 $500 Security bots armed with lasers that attack any nonresidents and due to a bug, each other and residents too.
No security cameras, so pickers can casually run past the bots.
Vault 4 is hidden in the Wasteland; you'll need to search around to find it.
Less desirable ever since the Wasteland (and the landing spot outside Vault 4) became a red zone. Freak friendly.
Village of Lurleen Lurleen Estates 2/5 N/A $10,000 $40 Nothing but obscurity. For people who like a little isolation. Has a cloner and merchant that sells food. Freak friendly.
Botany Bay Rodger Young 2/5 3/5 $7,500 $1,100 Five strong-ish guys with assorted guns. Nothing spectacular Roomkits can't be installed here since it's a goddamn boat. Freak friendly.
Weezer Village Unterbeight Hotel 4/5 4/5 $1,000 $750 Security drones armed with flame chains and security pods that fire dreaded lasers.
Biggest deterrent is that most exiles/Freaks live here and can't afford ruining their Weezer rep, for fear of getting pemanent Stars.
Requires 50 Weezer Collective reputation to rent. Freak friendly.
Luskentyre Plateau Luskentryan Mansion 5/5 1/5 $1,000 $500 Mundane enforcers attack criminals.
The whole gang dispatches at once, but is about as tough as a wet tissue.
Requires 200(?) Church of Luskentyre reputation to rent, extremely limited availability.
Great for early on, since you have rock lampreys, Necropolis and Weezer practically outside your door.
Necropolis Freak Tunnels 2/5 3/5 $499 $10 Three drugged up Aboms. Housing for Hideous Freaks; others trying to rent an apartment will get irradiated.
Various areas Custom housing N/A N/A Depends None Depends on the location of the custom home's entrance. Usually, nothing. Players can design their own custom housing with amenities like a private cloner.
For more infos, check out PlayerBlueprints.

Popularity is based on average occupancy, Safety is based on how hard an apartment is to rob.

Corporate HQs

All corporate HQs come with a private cloner, a shower and a vault protected by a nanotube door.
Keep in mind that barging HQs doesn't challenge or alert security.

City Location Down payment Monthly Rent Security Notes
Gangland James Wood Plaza 1-3 $50,000 $500 None. 8 rooms, 2 of them with wooden doors. Rooftop landing pads connected by zipwires.
Requires an audit grade of at least D to rent.
Slagtown Cockburn Tower $30,000 $300 Waiting room has a wooden door to prevent barging without challenge. 6 rooms.
Corpclave Jack Schitt Tower $50,000 $3,000 CSS troopers armed with piston hammers.
Shenanigans give both CCS and CCS/JS Stars that make normies reclone in the Cube.
11 rooms, open air patio that people can phase to and a rooftop landing pad with elevator.
Requires an audit grade of at least CCC+ to rent.
CSS troopers will follow freaks and exiles into the HQ to kill them.


This includes galleria stores and hangars.

City Location Down payment Monthly Rent Notes
Slagtown Galleria at Slagtown $500 $500 At the galleria, corporations can rent stores to sell items from.

Keep in mind that your corp will pay taxes based on the total value of all the junk you're currently stocking in the sales case.

Corpclave Aerosmith Aerodrome: Hangars $1,000 $100 Hangars allow you to store multiple aircraft inside.
Weezer Village Rental Office: Hangars $1,500 $200 Hangars allow you to store multiple aircraft inside.

Apartment Security

Apartments are generally safe - other players can only mess with your apartment in one of two ways:

A) Picking. People can't just walk up to your door and start picking the lock, unless you, anyone else scanned into the door lock or any other residents have a challenge out. Also, if you're inactive for more than 2 months. Note that you can get picked while offline.

B) Barging. You open the door without peeking out first and someone just walks in.

To sum it up: If you challenge nobody, you can live in a Broham Gardens apartment with a scanlock and be completely safe (unless you get barged).

Challenges and you

See: --> Challenge System

A challenge is issued when you mess with other players in yellow/green zones - such as attacking, picking, looting and butchering their body, insulting, groping and so on.

Now your property and any other locks you're scanned into or hiding behind are vulnerable against pickers (apartments of friends, planes, corp HQ etc).

In return, your own property is vulnerable if a friend is scanned into the lock or hiding behind it.

What this means for apartment security: Make sure to have as few other people scanned in as necessary.

Basic Security Options

  • Move to a better apartment. If you challenge frequently, living in places like Broham Gardens is asking to be bullied. Consider moving to an apartment with some semblance of security (for example Helliday).
  • Buy a peephole. Smoot's Security Shack (Sm) in Freedom City sells inexpensive peepholes that can be installed in doors. Before leaving your apartment, make it a habit to peep out and make sure nobody's waiting to barge into your apartment.
  • Buy roomkits. As long as you don't have them challenged, people who barge into your apartment are unable to smash/pick locked roomkit doors. Just move all your things inside one.
  • Install a lock on the inside. If you have a lock on the inside of your apartment's door, people are unable to just flip the lever to unlock it from the inside.
  • Upgrade your lock. Locks can be bought at security stores such as Smoot's Security Shack (Sm) or Securite Entiere (SE). You should aim for the best lock - Voxguard Diamond + Shockmaster.
  • Buy tin foil. Tin foil is available at Hell Up in Hardware (HH). Installing it on the walls of a room will keep players with the Clairvoyance mutation out.
  • Store valuables in safes. While not as good as safe deposit, safes take more time to smash than regular containers. People also won't be able to see inside them without Xray Vision. For advanced players, there is a craftable E-Mag nanotube safe.
  • Stash valuables instead. If you can't or won't use a safe, stash item will hide the item on your tile. It uses the Scavenge skill; if robbers have higher scavenge, they will be able to find your stash easily, but it's better than nothing, and will at least buy some time.
  • Buy the right door kits. Door kits are addons for your doors that add an extra bit of security. Read more below.

To sum it up: No apartment, not even a mansion or custom HQ, is completely safe. Your best bet to keeping your text safe is A) picking your fights carefully, B) using a layered defense to slow pickers down and C) not storing all your text in one place.


Name Shop Notes
Peephole Smoot's Security Shack Allows you to peep out of a door. No apartment or plane should go without one.
Informer Securite Entiere When a door gets picked, it broadcasts a warning message on a select radio channel. Useful for when you own multiple apartments and planes.
TrickrTreat Securite Entiere Explodes, sets off explosives (and fuel pumps) on the same tile and has a chance to knock the picker into another tile. One-time use.
Super Shockmaster Crafted Shocks the picker, has a chance to stun them and to set them on fire. Unlimited uses and triggers even at very high total Locksmith/Hack.
Spoilsport Automated Defense Solutions Similar to an Informer kit, but only works on corp controlled areas (HQ, corpsynched planes etc.) and broadcasts on corpnet instead of a radio channel.


Homecams are very buggy right now after a change to memory cards, but in theory they can be used to record up to 100 events in a tile. They also can't be smashed, so you can have guaranteed playback of whoever robbed your home after the fact. This won't help you stop the robbery, but you'll at least know who did it and how. These are also sometimes used to record ERP sessions.

To use a homecam:

  1. bolt the homecam.
  2. press power on homecam so that it turns on.
  3. press record on homecam to start recording events on the tile.
  4. press lock on homecam. This will lock the controls, so that nobody tampers with them in your absence.
  5. Come back later once something's happened. press unlock on homecam, and then press play on homecam to playback stored events.
    • If you want to store the recording for later, get a memory card and insert card in homecam, then press copy on homecam. This should copy the stored events on the cam to the card.

Note that anything that happens on the tile will be recorded, not just the important stuff. If you use a homecam on a tile with a loudmouth TV or a spammy fishtank, your homecam recordings will not be very interesting. Homecams also cannot be used by anyone except the owner of the room they're installed in (or members of the corp that owns the area, if it's corp-owned).


  • Make sure to spread your valuables between the safe deposit boxes, different apartments and planes. In case you get robbed, you won't lose everything at once.
  • To give planes additional security, store them in hangars (Corpclave and Weezer Village) or park them on tiles with security turrets.
  • Install locks both on the outside and inside of your apartment door. This gives your corpmates and security more time to react.
  • Plenty of items can be bolted down with bolt <item>. In case you get robbed, people won't be able to just load your safe on a hoverplatform.
  • If you reroll/demute, race specific apartments will get evicted.

NPC Housing

Familiarizing yourself with the places NPCs lay their heads can be useful. New players may find that robbing NPCs is a challenging but fun way to get items (TVs, jewelry and guns) to sell, for instance, and it's often easier to get protection contracts from NPCs outside of their stores. You can sell stolen TVs to Mung at Rough Trade for the Burglar Job.

Note that some NPC apartment buildings have rentacops patrolling the halls during the day, who will give you stars and do other bad things to you if you try to pick a lock or break down a door in their presence.
The distract <name> command runs a Persuade check; on success they'll leave the building for a few seconds.

On top of this, when you enter an apartment with sleeping npcs, they may actually wake up and call the cops on you, netting you more stars. The way to go is picking during the daytime, when everybody is out. You can throw in pipe bombs to kill them, but a cheap TV isn't worth blowing yourself up over.

City Location Map Abbreviation
Freedom City Propecia Suites PS
Freedom City Xolair Plaza XP
Freedom City Humatrope Tower HT
Corpclave Weyland-Utani Building WU
Corpclave c14L1.s t0.w3.r c.
Weezer Village Haaskel Dormitory Do

Keep in mind that some NPCs have their own bedrooms or unique apartments.