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Sometimes you want to try a new build, but you don't want to reroll. Maybe you have a character with a lot of xp and you want to experience how it is to be a low-ranking scrub again. Whatever the reason, getting an alt may be for you.

You're allowed to have a maximum of 3 characters. You are required to register each character to the same email address. You may only have one alt logged into the game at any given time.

There are some further ground rules to alts, listed below. Violating any of these will, at least, get your stats lower, and at most, have you banned.

Your alts may not collaborate or help each other in any way. This includes but is not limited to:

- Having two characters in the same corp
- Having two characters sharing an apartment
- Trading, selling, or giving items between two characters
- Collaborating with your alt's corpmates
- Anything else you do that benefits one of your other characters in some way
- Anything else you do that benefits the corporation of one of your other characters in some way
- Using an alt to infiltrate, rob, or otherwise attack another corp
- Using a stronger alt to attack enemies of a weaker one