Aerosmith Aerodrome

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So you just bought yourself a helicopter. Good for you! Provided that you don't crash and burn, you'll need somewhere safe to store it. And that's where this place comes in! The Aerosmith Aerodrome allows you to rent out hangars to store your copter. While you could just land it somewhere in FC where there's a turret (i.e. Helliday Inn, Bradbury) this adds two layers of security. Not only will a thief have to pick the lock on your copter, but the lock on the hanger as well, all the while earning CSS stars.

Rental Office

Here's where you rent your hanger. Its a one time fee of $1000 and costs $100 a month in rent after that. Your hanger comes with a scanlock already installed on the door.


Just north of the rental office, this room has an alcohol pump and a fuel pump. You can fill a jerrycan with fuel from the pump to fuel up your copter. (costs about $140 to fill up a jerrycan.)

Air Strips

There are six different airstrips here. Make sure to land you copter at the one which has your hanger. To store you copter use these commands:

load (Flyer name) through (Your hanger number)
close (Your hanger number)