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    You've earned the ghostbuster achievement!
             [ You earned 200 XP! ]

Achievements, Journals, Travels and Kills

In-game achievements, or "journals", are just like achievements in any other game: a one-time reward for doing something notable in-game. In HellMOO, achievements/journals are split into four different types. All achievements are rewarded with some XP, even if it's just one point!

You can check your completed achievements by typing the relevant command, listed below. The "sortjournal" preference can be toggled to change whether journals are sorted by the amount of XP they grant. Try @prefs sortjournal is 1.

The line between achievements and journals is fuzzy, and different achievements sometimes end up in the wrong category, but here's a general breakdown:

  • achievements are smaller rewards for simple accomplishments and easter eggs. Logging in on real life Christmas Day, for instance, will grant you the "aficionado" achievement for 25 XP.
  • journals are what most games call "quests"; longer, multi-step accomplishments. Almost all of these are spoilers, but as an example, you get the 50 XP "dreams of before" journal for completing character creation.
  • travels are usually 75 XP each, and are granted for visiting a new zone for the first time. Hop down a manhole in Freedom City, for example, and you'll get the "sewers" travel journal.
  • kills are rewards for killing a specific mob for the first time. Killing your first orphan, for instance, nets you the 48 XP "offed an orphan" award.


Confusingly, what would be called an achievement in any other game is generally referred to as a "journal" in HellMOO; you'll hear people speak of "kill journals" and "travel journals". These are not to be confused with actual journals, which are like quests. Nobody calls achievements "achievement journals", but all four categories are technically types of journal, and in other games, would be called an achievement.

Journals and Strategy

You'll find no journal guides on the wiki because of the rules about spoilers, but if you ask around on corpnet, you should find someone who can walk you through most of them pretty quickly. If you're feeling brave, you can also try figuring them out on your own! Once you've got the hang of them, speeding through achievements of all four types is an excellent way to gain XP fast, especially in the early game. Used in conjunction with Jobs, this is how many players skip the early-game grind.