8/20 Memorial Park

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8/20 Memorial Park is located in the southwest area of Freedom City, below 420 High Street Corner Market.

The park consists of 3 areas, adjacent north to south. The first and northernmost is the 8/20 Memorial Park Entrance. You can move freely east or west along the street. There is a Disc Golf basket that stands open here.

South of that is the Grove of Suicides. There's a vending machine here from which you can buy bags of popcorn. There is also a massive stone square monument here. When examined, it presents a list of players that have deleted themselves via. a jump into the Abyss.

The last area is the park itself. There's a large monument that you can enter. At the top, you can read some history about the nuke that hit Freedom City and the aftermath, to which the monument is dedicated. You'll get 10 XP for visiting this place.