Impound Yard

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Dead-set, you should see all the crap I've got lying around. And remember -- I take cash and ask next to no questions!

The Impound Yard, located south of Lurleen, is a special zone where planes which have been impounded end up. This usually happens when inactive players leave their planes in areas which have parking fees; once their wallet runs out of money, their plane is dumped here. Aside from this, the Yard is completely devoid of any features or mobs.

The planes here are eligible for picking (or just plain bashing their doors down), but the zone is yellow, so this is a challenge lottery - you might accidentally pull a challenge from a strong corp here. If not, you're free to steal the plane and junk it. People rarely bother with this, and the zone is almost completely useless to carebears; many players go their entire time in HellMOO never even knowing that the Yard exists.