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  • 256 character passwords are now possible.
  • Zombie players (not mobs) can be feinted now.
  • Police mobs can now pursue into planes parked in their jurisdiction.
  • Challenges do not tick down when you're offline.
  • Planes can only be built at helipads now.
  • Carebears are totally protected from all PvP; this is enforced by admins. Carebear can only be dropped by rerolling. Lock protection is voided if PvP players are added to CB locks.
  • Offline picking is in full effect right now. It's supposed to be disabled after the target has been disconnected for 10 minutes, but that isn't working.
  • Dodge IP grinding has changed; it now processes on being hit rather than successfully dodging.
  • You can now grab without specifying a target, and you'll grab whoever you're attacking.