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  • 256 character passwords are now possible.
  • Zombie players (not mobs) can be feinted now.
  • Police mobs can now pursue into planes parked in their jurisdiction. Unless its a ghost plane that doesn't exist.
  • Challenges do not tick down when you're offline.
  • Planes can only be built at helipads now.
  • Carebears are totally protected from all PvP; this is enforced by admins. Carebear can only be dropped by rerolling. Unless you start adding PvP players to your locks.
  • Offline picking is in full effect right now. It's supposed to be disabled after the target has been disconnected for 10 minutes, but that isn't working. Whether this is intended or likely to be changed is uncertain.
  • Dodge ip can be ground but the ip gain is after a thing hits you. So most people grind it by wearing tire armor and getting a bunch of weak mobs to attack them. You can also grind dodge with the Black Sword if it's your highest skill and you can break it out of Area 51.
  • You can now grab without specifying a target, and you'll grab whoever you're attacking.