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The Unemployment Office of Freedom City holds a listing of jobs, as well as a small utility shop upstairs. It is located on the southeast corner of Fourth and Cheney, and is open 24/7. The shop here (upstairs) is a frequent stop for newbies who want belt lights and pipewrenches for jobs.

On the ground floor, there is a job board which lists all the available jobs in the game, and will provide info with job <x>. The Jobs wiki page usually has more useful and complete information, however. 4Melvin, the shopkeeper upstairs, can advise players further on how to complete the Utility Worker job.

Goods listing (upstairs):

a belt light                            $       88 (2 in stock)       
a #217 pipewrench                       $      154 (3 in stock)       
a Sewer Cleanup contract                $      275 (1 in stock)       
a portable GPS locator                  $      495 (3 in stock)       
a Sewer Cleanup 2 contract              $      880 (1 in stock)