Coventry Island

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Coventry Island is a lovely, scenic tourist location located far off the coast of Freedom City, accessible by both boat and plane.

A very nice place to spend your time if you like being raped to death by giant lizards or one of two powerful bosses.


Coventry is located far, far from Freedom City, accessible by boat and plane.


Coventry is home to the endgame mob, the Basilisk. Basilisks are giant lizards that can do ludicrous amounts of damage in a very short amount of time, will feint brainlets and have good soaks. If you're extra lucky, you'll run into their big cousins - the Bossilisks.

Just to make Coventry an even more lovable place, there is a certain boss here that is pretty much one of the toughest enemies of HellMOO, having ridiculous damage potential, soaks and the ability to heal itself. And if that wasn't enough, there's another one that's almost as bad.

Oh yeah, also summertime weather is hot enough for people so spontaneously combust.

Why The Hell Would I Come Here?

Because Coventry is one of the two end game farming spots, and basilisks provide a decent amount of XP if you don't feel like doing a Nullianac run.

While killing Basilisks isn't terribly profitable, the island contains plenty of hidden ~fun~. Go out and explore!

In Short

Coventry is a horrible, horribly dangerous place, and unless you have a powerful group or you yourself are ridiculously strong/sneaky, you will not survive here. Do not, under any circumstances, bring items that you cannot replace, because even with a powerful party, you still have a very high chance of dying to a 300 damage Bossilisk pow.

Have fun.