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Show your character sheet - a list of all your stats, skills, mutations, your total XP, effective XP (Experience earned from non-journal things), unspent XP (XP you can use for upgrading your skills), and your equivalent IP (Which is IP you have gained).

The skill display is divided into columns:

Skill - the name of your skillz.

Raw - the number of points you've accumulated in this skill. When this reaches 100, it resets to 0 and your raw goes up by 1.

+ - shows how your totals are effected by various things green is from stats, purple is for mutations.

Total - your total score in this skill, a sum of your Raw and Depends. This is the number used in dice-rolling to actually determine success when the skill is used.

Depends - the stats that affect this skill.

Improve - how much it will cost to buy to the next level from trainers.

Title - A title given to you when you get to certain total. Doesn't do a thing.

At the bottom it tells you the amount of IP you have earned in a day. You can earn up to 50 IP in a game day.